The Sick Game Joe Biden is Trying to Play

Democrat Joe Biden continues to play the sick game of pretending he won the presidential election fair and square while trying to gain Republican support. 

Biden’s Game Continues

While it seems most plausible that Biden will choose an all-Democrat Cabinet if he wiggles his way into the White House, he says he’s considering some well-known Republicans.

He is more likely trying to manipulate the other side while harboring dark desires to strip away American principles that conservatives hold dear.

The people pulling the puppet strings have been feeding Biden lines about being a “president for all Americans,’ while in actuality that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Republicans Considered

Axios reports on possible Republican picks:

For Commerce, he also could select a mostly apolitical CEO, like former Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, as a neutral way to reach out to the business community. The Commerce secretary is considered an administration’s ambassador to the business world.

Some possible Republican picks like Whitman, the former Hewlett Packard CEO, are considered RINOs, or traitors, by the new Republican base. She endorsed Biden.

Back when President Barack Obama was in office, he himself nominated RINOs for top jobs. When comparing RINOs and Democrats, there sometimes is really no difference between the two categories at all.

President George W. Bush also chose a Democrat Norman Mineta to be his Transportation secretary.

Trump is Different Than the Swamp

Conservatives like President Donald Trump for many reasons. One of them being his ability to not bow down to the swamp and to not be bought. The president did not pick any Democrats politicians for his team.

Will Biden’s sick game of trying to create a false sense of unity work? The odds of that happening are about the odds of a healthy individual dying from COVID-19.

Democrats can keep playing all the sick games they desire but patriots will continue to fight for the truth.

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