Video Emerges, Democrat Runoff Candidate EXPOSED

A radical Democrat who is a runoff candidate has been exposed by a disturbing video that has now surfaced. 

Racist Runoff Candidate Exposed

Rev. Raphael Warnock refers to himself as a Baptist minister who is running against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in the January 5th runoff. He is no stranger to controversy and a recently uncovered video of him praises the dangerous Nation of Islam.

The video is from 2013 where the Democrat was doing a question-and-answer session. He was asked if he believes the Black church is facing attendance problems like “mainstream white churches and synagogues.”

Nation of Islam in Headlines Again

Warnock answers and says the Nation of Islam is “significant” but says Christian churches’ attendance does not match its attendance.

He then goes on to say: “Its voice has been important for the development of Black theology. It was the Black Muslims who challenged Black preachers and said, ‘You’re promulgating . . . the white man’s religion. That’s a slave religion. You’re telling people to focus on heaven, meanwhile, they’re catching hell.'”

The Nation of Islam “put a fire” under Black pastors and kept them “honest,” Warnock said.

It appears that the Democrat runoff candidate embraces anti-Semitic philosophies. In a statement to Newsmax, the rapid response coordinator for the Republican National Committee, Steve Guest, referred to the disturbing video as “more evidence Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock is an anti-Semite.” 

The Nation of Islam is known for its radical agendas and its intense hatred towards Jews.

Democrat’s Shady Past

Guest also noted runoff candidate Warnock has:

  • Compared Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to segregationist George Wallace
  • Called Israel an “Apartheid” state, said Israel was “a land of violence and bloodshed and occupation,” referred to Israeli leaders as “clever politicians,” and accused them of being “racist and vicious.”
  • Likened Israeli Jews to “birds of prey.”
  • Signed a letter comparing the West Bank to apartheid South Africa.
  • Praised“anti-Semite and anti-American” pastor Jeremiah Wright “and he has refused to distance himself.”
  • Has cozied upwith a Democrat Congressman who called Jews “termites.”

“And just yesterday, Warnock and Jon Ossoff received a boost from anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib,” Guest said. “It is not a partisan issue that Linda Sarsour is an anti-Semite. Earlier this year, one of Biden’s campaign flacks said Biden ‘obviously condemns [Sarsour’s] views.'”

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