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The Pentagon has made an early morning announcement that “climate change” will factor into the military’s future National Defense Strategy. Biden’s Secretary of Defense and retired Army General Lloyd J. Austin released a statement saying “I fully support the President’s direction today to include climate considerations as an essential element of our national security and to assess the impacts of climate change on our security strategies, operations, and infrastructure.” Secretary Austin’s statement regarding Transgendered servicemen and women in the military began with the exact same words “I fully support the President’s direction…”

SecDef’s Announcement “Changing how we approach our own carbon footprint”

Austin’s DoD statement continued,

“The Department will immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change considerations in our activities and risk assessments, to mitigate this driver of insecurity. As directed by the President, we will include the security implications of climate change in our risk analyses, strategy development, and planning guidance. As a leader in the interagency, the Department of Defense will also support incorporating climate risk analysis into modeling, simulation, wargaming, analysis, and the next National Defense Strategy. And by changing how we approach our own carbon footprint, the Department can also be a platform for positive change, spurring the development of climate-friendly technologies at scale.”

An Uncertain Future for The Pentagon

What does this mean for American defense? Will we be running fewer aircraft sorties to save jet-fuel? Will we be cutting back our freedom of navigation operations to reduce diesel consumption? Will more of our fleets and airwings be mothballed and decommissioned? How many military bases will now be on the next BRAC report for realignment or closure? How many more small American towns will have their local economies devastated by base closure? Is any of this a surprise? No.

The Biden vision of the United States is that of a second-rate power, weaker, poorer, more dependent upon “international cooperation” (read: globalism) and incapable of the type of pro-active, unilateral action that defined President Trump’s leadership.

This is an administration that is so busy creating and exacerbating “existential” threats as Kamala Harris called climate change on Twitter, desperate to disguise that THEY are the existential threat. Their policies are a poison to weaken us. Their goals? To reduce us to dependency, collectivism, despair and thus submission. In order to accomplish this, they must dismantle our military. It is already underway.

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