Fact Check: Liberal Publication Claims Pres. Trump is the ‘Greatest Fabricator in American Political History’

The establishment media is the enemy of the people and the New York Daily News has proven this to be true by calling President Trump “the greatest fabricator in American political history.”

First Debate Sets the Scene for Trump

In the first presidential debate of 2020, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and Democrat moderator Chris Wallace went at it.

President Trump was able to corner Biden on tough topics and the vice president lied up a storm.


John Carney wrote in Breitbart News: “Take his claim about President Donald Trump’s taxes. He repeated the widespread lie that Trump paid only $750 in taxes in each of the first two years of his presidency. In fact, Trump paid millions but later claimed he had overpaid and only owed $750 — and that’s according to the New York Times.”

Biden’s Claims Have no Credibility

The lies just kept coming after that including Biden falsely claiming inaccuracies about the economic record under the Obama administration.

Carney continued:


“Biden lied about the economic record of the Obama administration, claiming that Trump inherited a booming economy. In fact, economic growth was sclerotic in the final year of former President Barack Obama’s reign.

Biden also made the truly outrageous claim that Trump caused the recession. There’s simply no way a recession was avoidable once the coronavirus got loose in the world. That’s why every single major industrialized nation fell into recession.”

Well despite truth and facts being on the president’s side, the NY Daily decided to declare: “In the first presidential debate of the general election tonight, the toughest challenge for Joe Biden, moderator Chris Wallace and millions of Americans will be plowing through the blizzard of falsehoods coming out of the mouth of Donald Trump.”

Fake News – The Enemy of the People

With most of the mainstream media completely against the president, Democrats have infiltrated into spreading lies and using publications to accomplish this goal.

  1. The “Projecting” media leftist are now all in with wholly fabricating allegations in which they blame Trump as the fabricator. Every leftist group that has ever launched a civil-war has always first used media to create 100% lies about the nations leadership.
    The New York Daily news is now making up stuff about Trump the way Communist Leon Trotsky used to make up stuff about America.
    These same fools want AOC to be president

  2. I find it disgusting, but very much the leftist standard, that Biden starts off the debate by declaring that everything they will hear Trump say will be a lie. Biden then turns around and tells thirty three whoppers during the ninety minute debate. And, when he wasn’t lying, he was refusing to answer the questions asked-instead of an answer he instead gave a one minute campaign speech and asking for people’s votes. Further, in spite of the fact that we learned nothing about Biden’s qualifications or his plans for the country, we did learn that Democrats are not above cheating in any endeavor they are involved in-Biden was clearly wearing a wire (it was visible for part of the debate-not a “wrinkle in his shirt”) and the other Democrat on stage (Wallace) was not above double teaming Trump and giving aide to the mentally decrepit Trump opponent.

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