Jack Wilson Texas grand jury ruling

2nd Amendment Advocates Rejoice! Grand Jury Makes Landmark Ruling

Prosecutors have announced that a grand jury in Texas has decided to take no action against Jack Wilson, the man who courageously stopped a shooter who had killed two people in a Fort-Worth area church in December.

The Shooting

Jack Wilson was a firearms instructor who also trained a volunteer security team at the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement. Wilson fatally shot Keith Thomas Kinnunen at a church service on December 29th after Kinnunen shot and killed Richard White, a 67 year old security volunteer, and Anton “Tony” Wallace, a 64 year old sever.

As Kinnunen shot the two men, the rest of the church-goers scrambled for cover. The shooter was walking toward the front of the sanctuary as Wilson was searching for a clear line of fire. He took one shot, and killed the man.


Wilson spoke to conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA about the incident:

Prosecutors reported that there were approximately 260 people in the church at the time of the shooting.


The Reason for the Ruling

On Monday, Tim Rogers, a prosecutor with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office, stated that Texas law allows a person witnessing someone placing others at risk of serious injury or death to act with deadly force to protect others.

“Mr. Wilson did just that. He did it responsibly and, as a result, he was justified under the law in his actions. Based upon the grand jury’s decision, the law enforcement investigation and our review of the case are complete. We believe the grand jury made the right decision,” Rodgers said.

After the incident, Governor Greg Abbott gave Jack Wilson the highest civilian honor in Texas, the Governor’s Medal of Courage.

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  1. It’s getting to the point one can’t protect others from a nut case who’s out to kill any in front of him . What ever happened to human decency and respect of others . It all started to go south with this up coming election . So why are the delusional democrats pushing so hard to destroy our country . And our way of life . Guess our freedom scares them and they want to take it away so they can be in control . Never let that happen to us . Everything our government was based on is being stripped from us by the delusional democrats . You may want someone telling you what you can and can’t do , but I don’t . Keep our freedom where it is . It’s our choice , not their to make .

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