The Biden Secrets: Money Laundering Becomes Public Knowledge

The Biden crime family thought they could keep their secret bank accounts hidden from the public. They didn’t want to air their dirty money laundry in front of the neighbors. There is talk that the FBI might actually do something about it. Kamala Harris is hoping for a promotion in the near future and she’s not going to get it by touting her success defending the border.

Biden bank account sharing

He pays my bills, I pay his bills, we do it all the time. The Imperial family wants you to think that more than one bank account shared between Joe Biden and his admitted crack-addict son Hunter is no big deal. Strangely enough, the Federal Bureau of Instigation is considering looking into it.

More emails from that pesky errant laptop indicate they “shared bank accounts and paid each other’s bills for several years.” Reportedly, some of the shared accounts are “under an FBI and IRS probe over potential money laundering from China and Ukraine through the firm Rosemont Seneca.”

Erick Schwerin worked for Rosemont Seneca as a business partner of Hunter. He was even nice enough to do Hunter’s taxes for him. Because of back and forth emails it’s now known that the accounts were used to pay both Hunter and Joe.

Not only that, money was “being reimbursed to Hunter Biden.” What makes that so special is “that’s a company that has been tied to payments from China and Russia,” Professor Jonathan Turley at the George Washington University Law School explains.

Turley is stunned that the “Justice Department hasn’t considered the appointment of a special counsel.” We already know that “there’s a criminal investigation into the tax issues, possible money laundering.”


Up until now, Joe Biden has been swearing up and down that he “never benefited from his son’s business dealings.” That’s contradicted by another of the infamous emails where “Hunter complained that half of his salary went to paying his father’s bills.”

The ‘go to’ guy

These aren’t the only Hunter Biden emails causing trouble for the palace this week. Hunter, it seems, was the family “go to guy” when China deals needed to be greased through. While Joe was underling to Barry Soetoro, his brother-in-law needed some paperwork from China, pronto. John Owens, married to Joe’s sister Valerie, reached out to Hunter May 9, 2014. He needed help “expanding his business in China.”

MediGuide America and MediGuide Insurance Services International needed a business license. “Time pressures are very tight, plus the fact that we do not yet have one has caused a slight credibility bump in the company’s mind. This all translates into a need for a Business License, and one secured very quickly.”

Hunter Biden handed the hot potato off to “James Bulger, nephew of notorious organized crime figure Whitey Bulger.” James runs the Thornton Group. They were happy to help and found a way to solve the problem.

“Me and Michael had a call with Jack this morning I think we have a solution for hi[s] China problem.” Because Thornton was considered a “wholly foreign-owned enterprise” Uncle Jack could use theirs. For a fee of course.

Conservative Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa is steamed about it. Grassley’s running a Senate investigation, saying “Hunter Biden and his associates and family members were connected to Chinese nationals and Chinese companies linked with the communist party and People’s Liberation Army.”

Now he sells amateur art for grand master prices to the highest allegedly anonymous bidder. All it takes is a photo of one of his originals on your wall to get a private Imperial audience with the Big Guy.

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