Supreme Court Scandal Sends the Left Over the Edge

 Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is a known Marxist and supports everything the Far-Left stands for today. She is recently making news with her inability to define what a woman is, despite being one herself!

During a US Senate hearing Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not define what a “woman” was, by her own words she claimed not to be an expert on biology and deemed that womanhood was beyond her scope of expertise. Not a surprising answer from the same justice that argued that the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” is fodder for white supremacists.

Thankfully, the left-wing nut job isn’t taken seriously by the public at large, but that doesn’t mean she should be written off, as many on the left are being placed in positions of power that will effect change for the American people for years to come. 

It is obvious that she is obsessed with race and racism. Interestingly the race-obsessed black judge is married to a white man. In fact, her white husband comes from a line of slavers.

FOX News reported:

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s marriage to her husband and familial history was dissected by The Washington Post in an article from Monday about slavery.

The article was headlined, “Ketanji Brown Jackson’s ancestors were enslaved. Her husband’s were enslavers,” and detailed the ancestral history of slavery and enslavement in the families of the justice and her husband, Patrick Jackson.

“When John Greene, believed to be an ancestor of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, got off a schooner from Trinidad in Charleston, S.C., he was immediately enslaved and dispatched to a plantation, according to family lore. When John Howland, the 10th-great-grandfather of Jackson’s husband, Patrick Jackson, disembarked the Mayflower at Plymouth, Mass., he was given housing and several acres,” The Washington Post wrote…

… The paper cited Christopher C. Child, senior genealogist with the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, who found that Patrick Jackson’s “great-great-great-great grandfather Peter Chardon Brooks was the richest man in New England when he died, having made his fortune insuring ships, including some involved in the slave trade.”

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