They Just Declared Trump the WINNER

They Just Declared Trump the WINNER

President Donald Trump was just declared the winner in a key battleground state, which will provide him with 18 Electoral College votes.

Ohio, which was considered to be a swing state, has certified its election results after President Trump won the state in a landslide victory.

On Friday, Ohio’s election certification paperwork was officially signed by Secretary of State Frank LaRose, declaring Trump the winner by eight percentage points.


In a speech, LaRose discussed how proud he was of the initiatives taken in Ohio to confirm the outcome of a safe, accessible, and accurate election.

“And as a result, we had a fair election and whether your favorite candidates won or lost, all Ohioans can be confident that their voice was heard. In fact, the most accessible election in Ohio’s history,” Frank LaRose said.

The Ohio Secretary of State announced the certification in a Twitter post, writing: “The results of the Ohio 2020 general election are officially certified! Nearly 6 million Ohioans made their voice heard — a new record. See the results at Congratulations, Ohio!”


One America News also reported that, “In the meantime, Ohio significantly reduced the percentage of absentee ballot rejections due to the state’s simplified and increased messaging on mail-in voting.”

Following the usual process of certification, Ohio’s 18 electors will cast their votes on December 14 in the Senate Chamber of the Statehouse.

In Ohio, the Republican Party also won twelve races in the House of Representatives, while Democrats won four. Neither party flipped a seat in this election.

Official voter turnout in the state reached nearly 74%, as approximately 6 million Ohioans voted in the 2020 election.

Secretary of State LaRose spoke with a local news outlet to discuss the successes of the recent election, and his views about why turnout increased. He posted the interview on Twitter, with the caption: “Ohio’s election is now certified and our state has a lot to be proud of. I caught up with @wsyx6 to talk about the most secure and accessible election Ohio has ever seen.”

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