They REFUSE to Share This Detrimental Data, Putting Lives AT RISK

Federal agencies are refusing to share data on their recent policy decisions that relate to COVID-19 vaccines and their severe adverse events. The actions of the federal government and the bureaucracies that run it are fueling speculation that they are putting lives at risk.

The recent rise in heart-related issues in young and previously healthy individuals has led to aa rise in speculation that such fatal heart health episodes are related to the vaccine and subsequent boosters. The Federal Aviation Administration has widened the acceptable range of heart rhythms for commercial pilots. Pilots who were initially subject to industry-wide vaccine mandates

According to John Solomon’s Just The News, the FAA’s change in policy is due to “[n]ew scientific evidence” that it has yet to specify.

FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor provided a modified version of the statement the agency released last spring. This was after American Airlines pilot Robert Snow blamed his in-flight cardiac arrest on the coerced vaccination.

The FAA claims that the Federal Air Surgeon, Susan Northrup, has deemed all U.S.-authorized COVID vaccines safe for pilots. The FAA says it had “seen no evidence” of vaccine-related complications that caused “aircraft accidents or pilot incapacitations.” 

The agency explained that they followed “standard processes based on data and science” to determine it could “safely raise the tolerance used to screen for a certain heart condition.” 

The FAA change is “arguably a shocking one, as many pilots are in the age range when heart attacks occur without any early symptoms but with a normal ECG, the ECG being the only mandatory heart-related test,” cardiologist Thomas Levy wrote. “A fatal heart attack from very advanced coronary artery disease could occur 10 minutes after the normal ECG was recorded.”

Tucker Carlson from Fox News asked the FFA for the research behind their change in policy but the FAA declined to provide the “data and science.”

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