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Supreme Court Decision Is In… White House PANICKING

The Supreme Court just released its decision on taking the Biden administration-big tech censorship case.

The court will formally hear arguments.

In the meantime, it has stayed the order limiting Biden officials from reaching out to big tech regarding censoring accounts.

Game On

Biden has had this case in court twice already, losing both times.

Three justices, all conservatives, voted to already allow the lower court decision to stand.

Justice Alito penned the dissent, stating, “This case concerns what two lower courts found to be a ‘coordinated campaign’ by high-level federal officials to suppress the expression of disfavored views on important public issues.”

The case was originally filed by Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) and Attorney General Jeff Landry, now the Governor-elect.

Schmitt stated, “The United States Supreme Court has granted cert in Missouri v. Biden –  the nation’s highest court will hear the most important free speech case in American history.

“I’m proud to have filed this case when I was AG, and will always defend free speech.”

My feeling on this is that the case will go whichever way Chief Justice Roberts falls.

On these types of cases, it always seems that when he crosses the aisle, one of the Trump-appointed justices does the same.

If Schmitt and Landry can convince Roberts, it is a game changer. If not, get ready for Big Brother type censorship by this administration.

Source: New York Post

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