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Supreme Court Has Announced It… Conservatives Are Stunned

The Supreme Court issued a bit of a stunning decision.

This was for two reasons.

First, a decision against seemed almost automatic, but it went unanimous the other way.

The second reason is that this opens the door for another reason for migrants to seek asylum.


The case centers around a transgender that is claiming asylum for fear of being in danger if he were to back to his native country of Guatemala.

The case was initially lost because the defendant, Leon Santos-Zacaria, who had not exhausted all means.

The judge also ruled that Santos-Zacaria “did not suffer past persecution, and thus was not entitled to a presumption of future persecution.”

The Supreme Court ruled in his favor, saying that he did not need to exhaust all means due to “race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion” being at the center of the case.

The Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA) also stated that he “had not shown she would be persecuted in the future.”

The appeal was denied because the Appeals Court stated that all options within the BIA had not been exhausted.

Even the DOJ sided with the appeals court on this one, but the Supreme Court disagreed.

So, now we have yet another reason people will try to claim asylum… because they want to be a transgender.

Source: Fox News

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