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Fox News Reporter DEVASTATED

Fox News war correspondent Trey Yingst has been on the front lines of the Israeli war since the beginning.

Nobody could blame him for losing it with the atrocities he has seen.

He has held it together, but he clearly was emotional in his latest report.

Holding It Together

This was one of Yingst’s first reports after Hamas had attacked Israel.

How he held his cool walking through this home, knowing women and children had been slaughtered, is beyond me…

After seeing a Hamas terrorist confess to his crimes, however, it was just too much for Yingst to report every detail.

Yingst stated that he had seen the video, and heard the horrible details of the atrocities committed by this man, but he could not share them all to spare viewers.

He stated, “He says commanders told them to step on the heads of civilians, to behead them, and do whatever they felt like.

“He went on to talk about how Hamas and ISIS are being compared. The interrogator asked him about this comparison, and he agreed. He said, we burned, we slaughtered, and beheaded people.

“We became animals — [we did] things humans do not do.”

I have watched videos of the interview that were up on YouTube, but it is not much, as most of it is being censored.

One thing is clear, though… these people were told to kill at will, with no discretion, be it men, women, elderly, or children.

It was barbaric, which is exactly why PM Netanyahu wants to end them once and for all.

Source: New York Post

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