Son of Infamous Dictator is About to Win Democratic Election

Most Americans who remember the name Ferdinand  Marcos remember him as a corrupt dictator who was ousted by his own people after ruling the Philippines for more than 20 years. In a strange twist, his son Ferdinand Marcos Jr., known by his nickname “Bongbong” is about to restore the family to power in a democratic election. Marcos is expected to win decisively in the country’s May 9 presidential election nearly 40 years after his father was overthrown.

Son of Ferdinand Marcos returning to power

Incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte has been controversial abroad but popular domestically, partly thanks to the nature of his war on crime.

Duterte is an enthusiastic proponent of speeding up progress in the fight against crime by simply killing drug dealers without trial and encouraging the public to participate.

While shocking to the international community, these policies have been extremely popular in the Philippines, where law and order is a high priority for most voters.

That same attitude is driving support for Bongbong Marcos, who has chosen Duterte’s daughter Sara as his running mate to show that he intends to continue the legacy of his predecessor.

Liberal opponent Leni Robredo is not without support, but her popularity is dwarfed by that of Marcos, who is expected to win in a landslide.

Despite his heritage, Bongbong Marcos has tried to run a positive campaign that embraces his father’s legacy, appealing to sentiment and national unity rather than detailed political positions.

Voters look back at dictatorship with nostalgia

Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown after implementing martial law and accumulating huge amounts of wealth to fund his opulent lifestyle.

Bongbong has attempted to rehabilitate his father’s rule and much of the country is willing to cooperate or at least to overlook the overwhelming evidence of corruption.

To many nostalgic voters, the Marcos era now looks like a golden age of order and growth rather than a time of poverty and oppression.

This includes many younger people, who have been receptive to the campaign’s use of social media to convince them that the traditional story of the Marcos years is a fabrication or exaggeration.

Even many of those who are skeptical about rehabilitating the father agree that the son deserves a chance after running a campaign that appealed to broad swathes of the population.

The election is already being described as a last gasp of democracy in the Philippines, but only time will tell what Bongbong Marcos decides to do with his stunning comeback.

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