Sick Pedo Abused Almost 200 Kids, Meets Gruesome Fate

This disturbed pedophile was convicted of sexually abusing at least 191 children and kept a “Pedopoints” scorecard of his young victims. Luckily, this criminal met a gruesome fate in prison after inmates learned of his heinous crimes.

The horrific and shocking story of Richard Huckle, the man who was convicted of abusing nearly 200 children and keeping records of his sickening endeavors, has recently come to light. It is reported that 33-year-old Huckle was stabbed to death by a fellow inmate in a gruesome murder.

The details of this case are truly disturbing and have shocked the nation.

Over the course of nine years, UK citizen Huckle posed as an English teacher in poor communities in Malaysia and Cambodia. In reality, he was using his experience as a freelance photographer to gain access to hundreds of children – some as young as six months old – whom he groomed and abused for his own pleasure.

He even awarded himself “Pedopoints” based on the ferocity of his sexual assaults with some victims being infants. Disturbingly, he had recorded himself raping children amassing around 20,000 images which he sold and distributed online via a dark web website.

Thankfully, Australian police were able to track down their suspect before any more innocent lives were taken or ruined by this monster.

Hull Live reports that Huckle’s killer has been identified as 29-year-old Paul Fitzgerald from Northern Ireland who was also serving time at HMP Full Sutton prison for sex attacks on a female dog-walker, a 15-year-old girl, and an elderly woman. Even more alarming is that Fitzgerald kept a journal where bragged about loving rape women claiming “even if I was going to reoffend they couldn’t stop me.”

It appears that it took another criminal just as depraved as him put an end to this sadistic pedophile’s reign once and for all.

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