New Numbers Show How Lockdowns Were Absolutely POINTLESS

Florida at present, has the lowest COVID infection rate in the contiguous forty-eight states of the United States as of this writing, with rates falling by 49% in the last fourteen days in a direct factual refutation of the lockdowns, mask, and vaccine mandate narratives. This stands in stark contrast to the predictions of the NIAID’s Dr. Anthony Fauci, who while embroiled in the “puppygate” scandal thought it best to terrify the American people by agreeing with Joy Reid on MSNBC that during college football season the coronavirus would “feast” in September. The facts now show at the close of October that the opposite is actually true.

Clay Travis and Alejandro Avila of Outkick.com have pointed out the unavoidable facts that the mainstream media is dead-set against admitting because it would cripple the Biden-Harris regime’s oppressive narrative.

They wrote,

“Blue states have proudly led the nation in retaining COVID-19 mandates that have been outdated since the latter part of 2020. Meanwhile, Texas boasted the fastest economic recovery in the nation and Florida now leads the nation in lowest per capita COVID rates among all continental U.S. states. Only 12 citizens per 100,000 are getting the illness, per the New York Times‘ COVID data.

All made possible without the need for mandates.”

Lockdowns, Mask, And Vaccine Mandates Were Absolutely Wrong

As the Federal Government and co-opted State governments in New York, California, Illinois, Washington, and Oregon impose greater more heavy-handed measures to impose their will on the American people, the situation in these states only gets more desperate. Hospitals, Fire Departments and Police forces are being gutted by vaccine-mandate-related firings. Soon hospital overcrowding will have nothing to do with COVID and everything to do with the restrictions being imposed. Many of these professionals will be relocating to states that will allow them to work, like Florida, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, among others… and as Gov. Ron DeSantis‘ Florida and Gov. Greg Abbott’s Texas have shown us… there is another way, treatment and natural immunity are the answer, not lockdowns and mandated vaccines.

It seems that based upon the data at hand, history will judge the United States, diverse reactions to the COVID19 panic in favor of the states that kept their lockdown’s brief or didn’t lockdown at all, that left masking and vaccination to personal choice and chose to uphold the freedom of their people over the illusion of safety just as their forefathers did in the late 1700s beset by regular outbreaks of smallpox.

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