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It Just PASSED… Big Win for Speaker Johnson

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) just managed to avoid his first true disaster as House Speaker.

With about 48 hours to spare, Johnson managed to get legislation passed in the House to avert a government shutdown.

That did come at a cost, however, as more Democrats voted for the legislation than Republicans.

Paying the Price

The legislation passed with a vote of 336 to 95.

All but two of the votes against the legislation were by Republicans, which is not going to bode well for Johnson as we move forward.

There is already dissent in the House for Johnson relying on Democrat support for this bill, although Republicans seem to be willing to give him a bit more rope than McCarthy.

For instance, Freedom Caucus member Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) stated, “It’s a bad decision. So, of course, it damages your relationship when people make bad decisions.

“It gives you less confidence that the next play call is going to be the right one.

“There’s a lot of people pretty upset, that’s for sure.”

Among those who are extremely upset is Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who gave a scathing speech on the floor this week, slamming Republicans for literally accomplishing nothing of significance they can take back to voters to justify re-elected them to office.

It was a dose of reality for a majority that continues to shoot itself in the foot during a monumental opportunity to take control of Congress back.

Source: CNN

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