Shock Report Reveals Social Media Sites Connects Pedophiles to Children

It is horrifying to find out how easily social media sites, like Instagram, are making it for pedophiles to connect with our children. The Wall Street Journal has recently revealed in a new investigative report that Instagram is helping to connect accounts that commission and purchase underage sex content.

According to this report, Instagram isn’t just connecting pedophiles with pedophiles, the new algorithm actually promotes their content allowing them access to more perverts as well as your children.

The investigations done by the Washington Post were in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Their research revealed that Instagram’s algorithm actively promotes pedophile accounts. It also guides pedophiles to content sellers through recommendation systems “that excel in linking those who share niche interests.”

Instagram also allows people to search for explicit hashtags, such as “pedowhore” and “preteensex.” When the researchers searched these hashtags the social media site connected them to accounts that advertise the sale of child pornography. These same accounts often claim to be run by children and use handles such as “little slut for you.”

These sick accounts then post “menus” of content. Some accounts even invite buyers to commission specific sexual acts- with children!

Menus found by the researchers have included pricing for videos of children hurting themselves and “imagery of the minor performing sexual acts with animals.”

Menus on some accounts will also include in-person “meet ups” with children.

Let’s make it clear, federal law and Meta content rules both prohibit the promotion of underage sex content. at the time of the Washington Post’s reporting Meta claims it has set up an internal task force to address the issue. The company, once known as Facebook, acknowledged that there are problems within its enforcement operations.

“Child exploitation is a horrific crime,” the company said, adding, “We’re continuously investigating ways to actively defend against this behavior.”

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