Sparks Fly High at AZ Audit

Report: Sparks Fly High at AZ Audit

Sparks are flying in Arizona as the audit continues. Some Republicans are now fighting against the GOP-led state Senate about the audit.

As the fight continues between the Senate and Democrat leadership in the state, questions have arisen as to why the left is so adamant in their refusal to release information. Sparks have been flying in Maricopa County since the audit was announced, as many people are concerned about the questionable results of the election. Somehow, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by over 45,000 votes in Maricopa County, despite the fact that, as of last October, registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats by more than 100,000. The county, which contains 60% of the state’s residents, led Biden to win the entire state by just 10,000 votes.

Democrats have been desperately trying to stop the audit from happening, even taking the issue to court to block the state Senate from taking control of election records and equipment. Now, they are refusing to give the Senate passwords and access to computers, routers, and other equipment, and the Senate is threatening subpoenas.


Former President Donald Trump released a statement with his theories about the Democrats actions, which angered some RINOs, leading to an argument within the GOP.

“The entire Database of Maricopa County in Arizona has been DELETED! This is illegal and the Arizona State Senate, who is leading the Forensic Audit, is up in arms. Additionally, seals were broken on the boxes that hold the votes, ballots are missing, and worse,” Trump’s statement read.

According to reporting by Newsmax, “The most recent flare-up ignited when Fann sent a letter Wednesday to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors complaining of the county’s failure to comply with the first round of subpoenas. Auditors also had discovered problems regarding a chain of custody with ballots and evidence of database files being deleted from the election management computer.”


This is likely the information behind Trump’s aforementioned statement. Though he may have blown it out of proportion, this information is seriously concerning. Of course, RINOs in Arizona don’t actually care about the underlying problem, they just want to get on the Democrats’ good side by attacking Trump.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, a Republican, lost his mind on Twitter reacting to Trump’s statement, calling it “unhinged” and “insane lies.”

Despite the RINOs’ attacks and the Democrats’ stonewalling, the audit continues. The American people deserve an answer to their questions, and it looks like they might actually get one this time.

Trump isn’t the only one who is concerned about the results of the election. A poll conducted by Arizona public affairs firm HighGround Inc. shows that 78% of Republicans in Arizona believe that fraud was a factor in Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. These results are also backed up by national polls showing a significant amount of support from Republicans for the claim of election fraud.

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