Protesters Jailed after Quietly Opposing COVID Vax Facility for Minors on Cathedral Premises

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KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (LifeSiteNews)— protesters of the speculative “vaccination” of minors on the grounds of the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville cathedral are awaiting trial after they were detained at the Church’s request on Sunday for trespassing.

Jenny Hay, a co-organizer of the demonstration, as well as fellow protesters were praying outside the entrance of Sacred Heart Sanctuary, where they prepared to lose consciousness “Vax Facts” leaflets to clinic participants, when they were asked to leave the property.

The leaflets warned of the severe wellness risks COVID stabs present to minors, that were among those being immunized by the Knox County Health Department in a hall at Spiritual Heart Cathedral.

Hay informed LifeSiteNews that the clinic had not yet started when Scott Barron, the basilica’s supervisor of campus occasions, asked her team to leave, as the rector of the basilica, Daddy David Boettner, had formerly advised them.

The group “respectfully declined,” Hay said. Then, she stated, “Mr. Barron radioed to Knox County Sheriffs that were already on the property. We again were given the opportunity to leave. I and another gent once more pleasantly declined.”

She and the gentleman were then cuffed as well as detained.

Hay claimed the captain of their local Church Militant Resistance assisted the staying protesters, consisting of those that came later in the day, “just off the facilities to proceed a more strenuous protest.”

She recounted just how the various other gent that was jailed held the rosary throughout the arrest and as they were driven to a detention center, where they were held for 6 hours prior to being moved to prison cells. Hay remained in her cell for one more 3 hours before being released at 9 p.m. on her “very own recognizance” to continue to be at liberty up until her test. The gentleman was released in a comparable way at 8 a.m. the next morning.

Hay informed LifeSiteNews that she prepares to plead “blameless” at her test. She recognized that while a Catholic can not do anything he wants on Church home, due to the fact that the vax clinic was marketed as a public occasion run by a government entity– in this instance, the Knox County Wellness Department– “the priest surrenders the authority to ban public objections of that occasion.”

She discussed that her firm moral sentence versus the center was inspired by what she describes as a “deprav [ed] scenario: The speculative “vaccination” of minors with a shot that has actually been shown to position a threat of severe myocarditis to youth, for an infection that poses basically no danger of mortality for youth.

“I will certainly not enable a government entity to do something immoral on church residential or commercial property, leastwise, not without a public obstacle,” she composed.

In the “Vax Details” flyers, Hay had actually shared, among other appropriate points, that serious cases of myocarditis have followed COVID “inoculation” of young people in Tennessee. She likewise kept in mind that youngsters have a practically nonexistent risk of dying from COVID. ( According to the Knox County Health Division, the danger of fatality to someone under age 18 has to do with 0.001%), and also taking that into account, “It is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath to offer a youngster a vaccine for the function of securing anybody besides a youngster.”

The clinic was open to children age 12 and up, but as Hay pointed out in a letter to Bishop Richard Stika, “no COVID injection has complete FDA approval for any individual under the age of 16.” She better kept in mind that “by definition, a vaccine which lacks complete FDA authorization is experimental.”

“What if one child endures serious injury due to a speculative vaccine obtained at our Sanctuary of one of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus? Have diocesan lawyers totally understood this obligation and also given it their approval?”

“My heart is for children. If diocesan churches desire to host inoculation clinics limited to adults just (18+), you’ll obtain no resistance from me. However I plead you, from the midsts of a mommy’s heart, to cancel this center and also prohibit all other vaccine centers entailing youngsters on diocesan building,” she continued to Stika.

Hay specified on her thoughts as to why minors are being vaccinated in an e-mail to fellow concerned Catholics.

“There is one semi-rational reason to vaccinate children– to shield the grownups around them. But by ignorance or conscious choice, our Knoxville priests do not instruct the wickedness of this purpose. Since when do Christians use kids’s bodies to shield adults?” Hay composed.

Hay claimed that when the leaders of the Diocese of Knoxville are “challenged with the facts, they quip, ‘Parents ought to have the right to choose for their very own kids.'”

“Nevertheless, many parents do not really recognize that their children will be obtaining a speculative vaccination, nor do they understand the genuinely remote hazard of COVID to their children,” she proceeded.

Discussing the result of the center objection, Hay resembled words of Mom Teresa: “We are not called to be successful. We are called to be loyal.”

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