Senate Dems Unveil New Election Steal Bill

Senate Dems Unveil New Election Steal Bill

Senate Democrats have unveiled a new election bill that would effectively federalize elections and override election security measures implemented in red states.

The left is once again trotting out the tired old (and racist) Democrat line that voter ID and other election security measures are racist. The racism of low expectations has been a significant party of the Democrat Party platform for years now, and they have used it as a cudgel to attack the GOP nonstop over the past few years. Now, with control over the executive and legislative branches, Democrats in Congress are trying desperately to ignore the Constitution and federalize elections.

Their attempt to pass the “For the People Act,” dubbed the “Corrupt Politicians Act” by GOP Senator Ted Cruz, failed. The Democrats are now trying to pass effectively the same bill, now renamed the Freedom to Vote Act.


The new bill is touted as a “compromise,” but is far from it.

According to reporting from The Washington Times, “The deal would have the federal government set national elections rules, including loosening states’ requirements that voters show ID.”

Republicans in the Senate have been voicing their opposition to the bill, which has almost no chance of passing due to the need for at least 10 Republicans to side with the Democrats to override a filibuster. Alongside Senate Republicans, there are also two somewhat moderate Democrats in the Senate that need to be convinced, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.


The GOP’s opposition to the bill stems from their desire to upheld election integrity and security in the country. Legislation has been passed in numerous red states across the U.S. requiring voter ID, limiting mail-in voting (which has a high potential for fraud), and banning ballot harvesting, among other measures.

While the left claims that these measures are intended to suppress the minority vote, Republicans say that the legislation has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with making sure every legal vote is counted, and no legal votes are cancelled out by illegal votes.

Earlier this year, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke out against the For the People Act, and the Democrats’ obvious attempt to federalize elections.

“What this is really about is an effort for the federal government to take over the way we conduct elections in this country,” McConnell said.

The Washington Times reports:

“Under the bill passed by the House, the federal government would override the state laws with new federal requirements like requiring voters only provide the last four digits of their Social Security number instead of an ID.

Mr. Manchin proposed a compromise that would, among other things, require states to check identification but said voters could provide other documents instead of picture ID, such as a utility bill.”

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