Two Gunmen Open Fire in the Middle of Courtroom

Breaking: Two Gunmen Open Fire in the Middle of Courtroom

Two gunmen dressed in lawyers’ black coats entered a courtroom and opened fire, killing a notorious crime suspect before being taken out by police officers.

In the Indian capital of New Delhi, two assailants opened fire in a courtroom just as Jitendra Gogi, 30, a notorious criminal, was entering the room.

The two gunmen were fatally shot by police officers soon after killing Gogi, who was facing murder and extortion charges.


According to New Delhi Police Commissioner Rakesh Asthana, the officers that were charged with escorting Gogi into the courtroom were the ones who acted swiftly to kill the assailants, who Asthana believes were likely members of a rival gang.

“Two criminals opened fire at gangster ‘Gogi’ when he was taken to the court for a hearing. In retaliation, police shot dead both the attackers. One of them was carrying a reward of Rs 50,000,” said Asthana in a statement to the press.

WATCH (Warning — Disturbing Images):


It is so far unclear how the two gunmen were able to bring weapons into the courtroom.

Luckily, due to the COVID pandemic, the courtroom was largely empty, with most court proceedings being held virtually, so there were very few people in the room that could have been hit with a stray bullet.

Reports from several news outlets indicate that a total of four people — including Gogi and the two gunmen — were killed during the shootout, though it is unclear who the fourth victim was.

Indian media reports detail Gogi’s crimes, reporting that he was allegedly involved in a series of murders, extortions, violent robberies and carjacking cases in and around New Delhi.

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