SpaceX CRUSHED A Russian Electromagnetic Attack On Ukraine

SpaceX— a business established and owned by Elon Musk with the express intent of colonizing Mars– effectively stopped a Russian electromagnetic attack in Ukraine. In March, Musk’s business operated at a breakneck speed to close down Russian efforts to isolate Ukrainians from the rest of the world by jamming the nation’s access to its Starlink satellite constellation.

Starlink is run by SpaceX and supplies web coverage to 32 nations around the world. The constellation includes more than 2,000 mass-produced little satellites that operate in low orbit and interact with designated transceivers on the Earth’s surface.

At the outset of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, when it became clear that the Russian federal government was going to target the Ukrainian citizens ability to get news from the front to the rest of the world, Ukrainian authorities pleaded with Musk to step in and offer them with relief. The tech magnate’s response was rapid and decisive.

Dave Tremper, director of electronic warfare for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, admired SpaceX’s capability to turn on a dime and promptly stymie Russia’s efforts to jam the Starlink satellite’s capability to offer broadband.

Defense News reported that Tremper stated, “The next day [after reports about the Russian jamming effort hit the media], Starlink had slung a line of code and fixed it, and suddenly that [Russian jamming attack] was not effective anymore. From [the] EW technologist’s perspective, that is fantastic … and how they did that was eye-watering to me.”

Tremper kept in mind that it would have taken the American federal government substantially longer to neutralize the Russian electromagnetic attack than it did Musk’s business.

Tremper stated, “We need to be able to have that agility. We need to be able to change our electromagnetic posture to be able to change, very dynamically, what we’re trying to do without losing capability along the way.”

Keeping in mind that electro-magnetic warfare needs really carefully tuned equipment and extremely competent operators, Tremper stated the Russian intrusion of Ukraine showed how crucial it was to ensure that American workers were effectively trained in electro-magnetic warfare operations.

He stated, “It is a very hard problem, if you don’t have well-trained operators. The degree of coordination and synchronization of these types of operations is such that the undertrained operator will have a harder time pulling off those types of events successfully.”

This is not the only time that Elon Musk has actually prevented the Russians’ strategies in the continuous intrusion of Ukraine.

When the Russian federal government threatened to drop the International Space Station on the Earth by ceasing to supply it with resources and fuel for propulsion, Musk responded to the now-deleted tweet and stated that SpaceX would keep the station from falling back to Earth.


H/T The Blaze

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