Secret Service Agent At The Center of Jan 6th Trump Rumor RETIRES

The Secret Service agent, Anthony Ornato, that is at the center of the rumor about former President Donald Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021, has retired.

Another Secret Service Special Agent, Kevin Helgert, spoke with The Daily Wire. He confirmed that Ornato retired from the U.S. Secret Service on Monday “in good standing after 25 years of devoted service.”

“I did retire today to pursue a career in the private sector,” Ornato responded to multiple outlets. “I retired from the U.S. Secret Service after more than 25 years of faithful service to my country, including serving the past five presidents. I long-planned to retire and have been planning this transition for more than a year.”

Ornato would not tell CNN who his new employer was but made it clear that he would not be working for Trump or any of Trump’s agencies.

“I plan to continue cooperating with the DHS OIG’s investigation,” Ornato told the publication. “My counsel have been in touch with the OIG, and they discussed but have not yet settled on a mutually convenient date for us to speak.”

Cassidy Hutchinson,a White House aide during the Trump administration, testified before the January 6 committee earlier this summer that Ornato had told her that an angry Trump “lunged” toward the head of his detail when agents refused to drive him to the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

She continued to claim that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the limousine. That the leader of the security detail, Bobby Engel, told the former president, “Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel.” At that point, Hutchinson claimed she was told that Trump allegedly lunged at the agent and assaulted him.

CNN reported that a Secret Service official said Ornato disputes Hutchinson’s story. Reports from June claim that both Ornato and Engel are willing to deny the story. ABC also reported that the Secret Service is prepared to deny the story. The federal agency insists that it will share its “first hand account with the Committee, on the record.”

“It’s not appropriate for us to make these comments in the media before we have a chance to address members of Congress,” Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service chief of communications, told The Daily Wire in late June.


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