Sarah Palin to Face Off Against New York Times

Sarah Palin to Face Off Against New York Times

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is going to be facing off against the New York Times as her defamation lawsuit against the Democrat propaganda outlet finally goes to trial in Manhattan on Monday, January 24th.

The case centers around a 2017 editorial published by the New York Times that falsely linked Sarah Palin to the 2011 mass shooting in Arizona that killed six people and injured more than a dozen, including then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.

The editorial “falsely stated as a matter of fact to millions of people that Mrs. Palin incited Jared Loughner’s January 8, 2011, shooting rampage at a political event in Tucson, Arizona,” according to lawyers for the former Alaska governor.

According to reporting by the New York Post, “The Times has since corrected the editorial, acknowledging both falsely linking Palin to the violence and mischaracterizing an ad Palin’s political action committee ran, which put certain congressional districts, including Giffords, under crosshairs. Originally, the Times said the ad placed lawmakers themselves beneath the crosshairs.”

Palin, a former vice presidential candidate, said that the so-called mistake was libelous, and filed a lawsuit against the New York Times in 2017 in Manhattan federal court. Jury selection is set to begin on Monday morning.

In order to win the lawsuit, Palin’s lawyers can’t just prove that the New York Times’ reporting was incorrect, which the outlet has already admitted in a desperate attempt to save themselves from this suit, claiming that it was an “honest mistake” that happened in a rush to make a deadline. They actually have to prove that the editors and writers at the Democrat propaganda outlet acted with malice, and ignored facts on purpose to smear her name.

The New York Times worked hard to get the lawsuit dismissed, but a ruling by a three judge appellate court in 2019 said that it could go forward.

“It’s going to be great courtroom theater,” William Grueskin, a former newspaper editor who teaches at Columbia University’s journalism school, told NPR. “You’re going to have Sarah Palin up there on the stand. You’re going to have some of the top people at the Times — at least of the opinion section. I don’t see how that can fail to be interesting.”

Erik Wemple of the Washington Post said the case, in which Palin is seeking damages, “will help demarcate the line between really bad journalism and libelous journalism.”

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