Sarah Palin Drops the Mic on Newsmax

Fmr. Alaskan Governor and candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin has erupted back onto the political stage with a mic-drop moment that left many Newsmax viewers absolutely stunned as 2021 draws to a close. In an interview on ‘Eric Bolling’s The Balance,’ Gov. Palin was asked if she would consider a return to the political fray in a new run for office. The hardy outdoorswoman who was paraphrased by SNL of ‘seeing Russia from her back porch’ (She told, ABC’s Charles Gibson,  “They’re our next-door neighbors, and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska”)  told Bolling “I would love to. I would never say never'”. And with that, the Twitter-verse collectively lost their minds for a little bit.

In spite of not being actively in the hunt for another political role since the 2008 Presidential Election. She teased at a run in 2012 and has even courted suggestions of a potential run against Lisa Murkowski to represent Alaska in the U.S. Senate as recently as August 2021 according to The Guardian, telling the Che Ahn, leader of the New Apostolic Reformation movement that “If God wants me to do it I will, “. But while she’s mainly stayed in the political background she has made some serious waves, noting on hot-button issues like COVID19 that with regard to the vaccine mandate, natural immunity is 27 times more effective, and on transgenders in athletics that it is “not fair” for female athletes to compete against biological men.

Palin told Bolling,

“I feel like there are there are still some offerings that I have in terms of a servants heart, I want to serve, I want to help the people. And I think I have a heck of a… lots of common sense, and that’s what we need today. And I’m not so obsessively partisan that I’d let that get in the way of just doing what’s right for the people so I would love to.”

Is Palin Just Making The Rounds Or Testing The Field For A Run?

In the last quarter of 2021, Palin has appeared on Fox’s Gutfield, penned a scathing pro-energy industry op-ed in Breitbart berating Joe Biden for not taking her 2013 advice to “Drill, baby Drill” and just a few months earlier teased that run for Senate as we referred to earlier, so the question is really: Is she just keeping relevant (maybe eyeballing joining The View as their token “Conservative”… we joke but… hey it could happen.) or is she really getting ready to jump back into the ring? At only 57 years old, the former Governor is very much in her prime for a politician and could be realistically expected to aggressively hit the campaign trail in between bouncing Grandkids on her knee. And believe it or not, while the convenient scapegoat for John McCain’s objectively terrible showing against Barack Obama, Palin has yet to be tested on a national level in her own right, and her policies could find her lining up with the MAGA crowd very successfully and potentially bridging the gulf between America First and the McCain-inites. By most accounts it’s an interesting proposition.

Correction: This article initially referred to a falsely attributed quote from Gov. Palin in a jocular manner that fell pretty flat. This story has been updated to correctly attribute the quote in question to Tina Fey and SNL and provides the basis for that paraphrase. Thank you to our readers for calling this to our attention.




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