Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot

Fast Facts on Terrorist Plot to Kidnap Governor

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating a plot to kidnap a sitting Governor. Multiple people, including militia members, have been arrested and charged.

The Plot

Several men face charges in the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Authorities say the men even went so far as to watch her vacation home and build bombs.

On Tuesday, a court document was filed which identifies the suspects in the federal case as Adam Fox, Ty Garbin, Barry Croft, Kaleb Franks, Brandon Caserta, and Daniel Harris. Croft, a Delaware resident, is the only one of the six suspects who is not from Michigan. All of the suspects face up to life in prison if convicted.

According to 8 News Now, “At the state level, three men were charged Thursday with counts of providing material support for a terrorist act and felony firearms in Antrim County for their roles in the plot. The suspects included William Null, 38, of Shelbyville and Michael Null, 38, of Plainwell and Eric Molitor, 36, of Cadillac.”

Bond was set at $250,000 for each of the three men, and they were ordered to not have any contact with Governor Whitmer if they were to post bond and be released.

Four other men are also in custody for their part in the plot. According to 8 News Now, those men and their charges are:

  • “Paul Bellar, 21, of Milford: Providing material support for terrorist acts, gang membership, and felony firearm.”
  • “Sean Fix, 38, of Belleville: Providing material support for terrorist acts and felony firearm.”
  • “Pete Musico, 42, and Joseph Morrison, 42, who live together in Munith, northeast of Jackson: threat of terrorism, gang membership, providing material support for terrorist acts, felony firearm. They are expected to be arraigned this afternoon in Jackson County.”

According to sources, several of these men are members of the militia group “Wolverine Watchmen.”

The FBI has said that it had already been watching that particular militia group after posts online by group members discussed overthrowing the government. According to the FBI, one member of the group became worried about the escalation and plans to kill police, and had agreed to become an informant. Through that informant and undercover officers, the FBI gathered information.

Authorities have alleged that in conversations within the group both online and in-person, a firm plan had formed. “Fox described it as a ‘Snatch and grab, man. Grab the (expletive) Governor. Just grab the (expletive). Because that that point, we do that, dude — it’s over,’” the criminal complaint reads in part.

Reportedly, the plan was to kidnap Whitmer, take her to Wisconsin, and hold a court trial for treason. According to the criminal complaint, militia members also discussed storming the state Capitol and engaging the police with Moltov cocktails, but that idea was shut down by Garbin.

The focus of the plot then turned to Whitmer’s vacation home. The suspects allegedly went to the vacation home to scope it out at least twice.

The FBI agent said that Fox bought a Taser for the attack, and Garbin suggested blowing up a nearby bridge to slow police response.

According to authorities, during one weapons test, the suspects successfully detonated a bomb wrapped in shrapnel.

The suspects originally wanted to carry out the plan on the night of September 12th-13th, but Croft did not believe the time was right, though they wanted to act before the November election.

The left, including former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, is already trying to blame President Trump for the kidnapping plot.

A Standoff?

According to liberal news outlet Raw Story, there is a standoff underway with one of the suspects in Munith, Michigan which involves State Police, Federal Law Enforcement, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. There has yet to be any confirmation of the standoff occurring from any other publication.

  1. This is nothing but a false flag cooked up by the vermin the in the FBI who are experts in fabricating fake crimes. They get a bunch of morons to sit around drinking beer, smoking crack, fantaciszing about a crime they are incapable of committing and then turn it into the “crime of the centuary.” Meanwhile, the Commiecrat agents of the ChiComs are planning on turning this nation and us over to the ChiComs.

    1. BINGO! Let me get this straight,the FBI(Federal Bureau Of Idiots) moved at break neck speed to charge and indict all of these militia member’s? I’m sure they are going to go after BLM and ANTIFA with the same professionalism? NOT!!

  2. I know the knee jerk reaction is to assign this bunch of cretins to “the alt-right” but just from the description they will turn out to be just another Leftist faction, most likely an Anti-FA Fascist splinter cell. Calling these turds Militia is an insult and pure deflection. Just another Fascist tool, accusing those you hate of what you are most guilty of doing yourself!!

  3. I’m more inclined to believe Whitless attempted a “Smollet.” As for Andy McCabe, that POS was hand in hand with Comey. All of the senior FBI officials should have been terminated. If you’re unable to maintain strict non partisan neutrality, you shouldn’t be in government service.

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