Press Sec Jen Psaki Crumbles When Confronted About CHINA

Beltway reporters tried to buttonhole official Palace Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki on Monday, about fresh evidence that the Wuhan virus came from a lab. She bobbed and weaved like a professional boxer. Imperial Leader Joe Biden oozed back to Washington from the G7 summit with his tail between his legs. All week, the major topic of conversation was the origins of COVID-19 and the “investigation into those origins.” That’s the last thing Biden wants to talk about because his handlers have him backing the “all natural” it “came from the bat soup” theory.

Psaki talks but says nothing

Almost as soon as Air Force One touched down in D.C. they were pushing Imperial Press Princess Jen Psaki out in front of the TV cameras to do her media damage control job. His Wisdom’s little sit down with Vladimir Putin didn’t go quite as well as planned.

After being locked in a room with Joe for almost four hours, Putin lamented, “there’s no happiness in life. There’s only a mirage on the horizon, so we’ll cherish that.” But, he added, “I believe there’s a spark of hope” in Biden’s eyes. Then again, maybe it’s dementia.

Psaki was grilled relentlessly by reporters over freshly leaked lab reports questioning the “Chinese origins of the virus.” The press demanded to know if an investigation could be “conducted or implemented given China’s unwillingness to engage in an investigation led by an international coalition.”

The palace press expert was happy to answer that. Nobody has yet figured out exactly what that answer was, but it sounded good.

Various outlets are noting that the palace has “maintained a vague position on how China could be cajoled into addressing the issue of the pandemic’s origins.”

Peter Doocy with Faux News put it right on the line and managed to harass Psaki a little by noting, “Jake Sullivan said this week that if China does not let investigators probing the COVID origins in they are going to face isolation in the international community.” After the setup came the explosive question, “So what is an example of something the White House thinks China would care about being isolated from?”

A great deal of calibration

Psaki was perky and confidant as she simply started to babble. “Last week there was a great deal of calibration in the global community among the world’s largest democracies, the world’s global security partners, about how we are going to work together to address the rising economic power of China. Concerns where we have concerns.”

Calibration. That’s a great word which says nothing. Mirriam-Webster uses a circular definition that Calibration is “the act or process of calibrating” or “the state of being calibrated.” Okay. They note it can also mean “a set of graduations to indicate values or positions.” I think that’s closest to what was on her mind. In diplomat speak, she was saying that everyone in Europe thinks the Asian Andromeda Strain was unleashed to destroy the world and they all ganged up to yell at Joe about his denial of the obvious.

“The lack of transparency,” Psaki admits, “is certainly one of” the global hot button issues. The “global community has taken notice.” Joe promised to at least pretend cooperation. “We’re going to work together to exercise the necessary pressure on China to be a participant and to provide transparent data and access.”

Xi Jinping is just an amazingly great guy and he’ll be happy to “have a role in the global community and global conversations,” so of course he’ll hand over all the secret incriminating data.

Doocy wasn’t about to let Ms. Psaki get away that easily, demanding to know why the palace hasn’t been talking about sanctions. Since the official position is that “isolation from the international community is more of a deterrent” than sanctions that means they must have had a reason to back that up. Since she didn’t have an answer to that question, she answered another one. “China is not looking to have the global community align against them.”

Meanwhile, there were things she was careful to avoid talking about. The G7 was all abuzz about China’s failure to respect the “the human rights of the Muslim minority.” China also has issues with the preservation of freedom in Hong Kong and even more atrocities going on with Taiwan. China will fix all those things on their own to avoid being snubbed on the public stage. The Biden regime actually expects Americans to believe that. The scary part is that Democrats really do believe it.

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