GOP BLOCKED This Illegal Program

They’re trying to stop Biden’s apparently illegal migrant parole program in its tracks. Prosecutors from 20 red states teamed up with a conservative legal group to nail down a preliminary injunction. That should chop off the overwhelming flow of migrants until they can fight it out in court for a final ruling. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas want to flood America with 120,000 migrants a month and that’s only from four countries. Others are allegedly getting in through the cracks without anyone paying much notice. The executive branch clearly exceeded their constitutional authority.

Mass parole not allowed

You can’t grantparole” to 120,000 migrants a month, conservatives argue. That’s not legal.

A group of 20 Republican states led into the fray by Texas and America First Legal already filed the lawsuit last month.

On Tuesday, February 14, they went to the courthouse with paperwork asking for a “temporary injunction” to block the program while the underlying suit works its way through the legal mill.

That would close the gates to migrants from Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. They’ve been making appointments on the CBP One app and flying in everywhere.

Mayorkas tested it out with Venezuelans in October, then expanded it in January. Joe Biden is promising migrants “work permits and a two-year authorization to live in the U.S.

Just visit the app for legal entry. Jumping borders is good for a disqualification for parole.

No authority for that

The big problem is that Mayorkas doesn’t have the authority to do that. That’s the job of Congress.

He can’t inflate his ability to grant “case-by-case” approval to everyone at once. That’s a rewrite of immigration law.

Joe Biden and his handlers swore an oath to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed but instead of taking care to faithfully execute the limits Congress placed on alien parole, the Defendants are subverting them.” It’s not surprising that Joe Biden would pervert justice, considering his alleged influence peddling schemes.

If he’s so innocent, why is everyone working so hard to hide all the documents. The obvious answer is that they prove he’s been lying all along.

The Parole Program violates the limitations Congress placed on the parole of aliens into the United States and is therefore unlawful. Enforcing that unlawful program is ultra vires—outside the Defendants’ power.

The Parole Program is also unlawful because it was promulgated in violation of the law.” Those are pretty good reasons for the judge to stop it, and stop it now.

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