Not Making Headlines: 90% of US Jobs Are Going to…

It’s been reported that U.S. job growth during the month of June slowed, with about 209,000 actual jobs created compared to the projected 225,000 for the month.

In the month of May payrolls were revised lower to 306,000 from 339,000, showing a loss of 33,000 jobs. And of course, increase in wages did not keep up with the continuing rise of inflation.

However, something even more troubling was just discovered: during an episode of The War Room, Heritage Foundation Fellow, E. J. Antoni pointed out that 90% of the new jobs created during last month went directly to foreigners…some of whom are illegals!

Republicans across the nation have expressed outrage over what they see as a troubling trend that could leave millions of Americans out in the cold.

The figures come at a time when unemployment rates are already high due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While it’s true that some industries are seeing an increase in hiring, many sectors have yet to recover from job losses incurred during early 2020.

This means there is stiff competition for open positions and many unemployed Americans who are willing and able to fill those slots – but instead, employers seem to be turning their attention elsewhere.

Discussing the topic of job growth, E.J. Antoni stated:

“So another key thing that we’re looking at has been the disparity between foreign born workers and native born workers. And in fact, again, some 90% of the jobs we have right now above pre pandemic levels have all gone to foreign born workers. Which is very interesting that this is the first month when native born workers have finally gotten back to pre-pandemic levels. One of the reasons why that’s so interesting is because the BLS, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, has to assign weights to both of these categories and they do that separately. And what that does is it gives you an estimate for how much each of those categories are increasing…”

Antoni continued on, “…And another really interesting thing is that the BLS surveys for foreign-born workers do not ask anything about a person’s status. In other words, are you here legally or illegally? And so even on the BLS’s own website, they admit that they are very likely capturing some illegal aliens in these surveys. And you are 100% right that by increasing the ratio of foreign born workers to native born workers, you are basically reducing average wages. And that has helped keep wage growth down.”

At this point it’s clear that something needs to change if we’re going to protect American citizens from exploitation, but how can this problem be addressed?

The full episode of War Room titled “The Fight For The Debt Ceiling” can be seen here at this link:

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