Ralph Norman Reveals Startling Truth About Open Border Crisis!

The border crisis is real and it’s being ignored by the mainstream media. Rep. Ralph Norman of South Carolina is calling on CNN to report what’s going on. Migrant encounters at the southern border are up significantly, with more than 200,000 arriving in August alone. But instead of covering this important story, CNN is trying to downplay it as just a “talking point” for Republicans.

This needs to change—we need an honest accounting of what’s taking place at our southern border! The Biden Administration has done nothing to secure the border or stop illegal immigration. This is a national security threat that must be addressed immediately.

While Acosta played dumb on the fact that under Biden’s leadership, the border has been open allowing for the most horrific crimes like human trafficking, drug smuggling, and rape to run rampant, the Republican congressman did his best to push back against the media blackout Acosta and networks like CNN have allowed.

“We’re going to have to force — the public is going to have to force this Biden Administration to let the border patrol agents do their job, to get the wall built, have designated points of entry. And this administration is not doing it. They’re doing it intentionally. And whether you agree with it or not, they’re doing it for power. Why are they giving Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses?” challenged Rep. Ralph Norman.

Norman went on to point out that Former President Trump attempted to build a wall but was blocked by Joe Biden when he took office in January 2021. Steel for the wall was left lying on the ground waiting for completion—proof that something needed to be done about our porous borders before Biden came into office. We can no longer ignore this problem!

Rep. Ralph Norman did his best to speak for the Border Patrol agents who are frustrated and are going without pay due to the government shutdown spurred by Biden’s inaction on securing our borders from illegal immigrants. How can they do their job if they aren’t getting paid?

CNN needs to step up and start reporting on what’s really happening at our nation’s borders—the open crisis that nobody can deny exists!

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