Americans Need to Be Wary About This New Danger Under the Biden Admin

As an American citizen, there’s multiple dangers that we have faced and will continue to face under the Biden administration. Well, now we can add one more: westerners are becoming increasingly vulnerable to hostage-taking/kidnapping and ransom demands…all thanks to Biden. This all comes as Biden continues to appease Iran, most recently with the billion dollar prison swap.

According to a report by Gatestone Institute, the threat of abduction is rapidly rising due to Biden’s lax foreign policy.

This is especially true for Americans, who may now find themselves targets for being held for ransom by hostile governments as a way of exacting significant economic concessions from the United States.

The recent abductions of Topher Richwhite and Bridget Thackwray from New Zealand, Johan Floderus, a European diplomat from Sweden and Bernard Phelan from France demonstrate how dire this situation has become. Harvard-educated scholar Majid Rafizadeh warns that this problem will only get worse if the Biden administration continues its appeasement policies with Iran.

He claims that since Iran remains a party to the International Convention against the Taking of Hostages, it has violated both commitments and international law through its actions in order to gain financial gains and geopolitical power.

Belgium recently reached an agreement with Iran over hostages which further cements his reputation as a strong supporter of Tehran’s rogue regime. Not only did he pay out $6 billion dollars in exchange for five Iranian-Americans imprisoned in Iran but also released several Iranians serving prison time in America – all at once.

Given these developments it should come as no surprise that Iranians are boasting about their ‘victory’ over Biden’s administration after they got more than what they bargained for with no strings attached.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) believes that if Joe Biden continues bowing down to Iranian pressure then we can expect more hostage taking incidents around the world.

After all why wouldn’t other hostile governments be encouraged to take advantage of American citizens after seeing how easily they were able to extort billions into their economy without any repercussions?

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