Biden and Democrat Party In Fighting Heats Up, Let the Finger Pointing Begin

Biden is becoming increasingly obsessed with the crime rates in our nation, it’s an issue that his regime has failed spectacularly to deal with and it’s certain to haunt the Democrat Socialists in the midterm elections. The issue of the massive spike in crime is inextricably linked to race relations as well. The issues of race and law enforcement are crucial third rails that the BLM and Antifa grassroots who propelled the Biden-Harris regime to power will never allow them to grapple with effectively.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka nailed it when he asked Twitter: “How’s that #DefundThePolice working for Chicago?”

The Washington Examiner reports, “instead of tiptoeing around the issue, traditionally a losing one for Democrats, the party is trying to confront it head-on.”

“And it is all part of an effort to avoid a barrage of “defund the police” political attacks that crippled candidates competing in battlegrounds last year. Democratic centrists have slammed liberals over that term, saying it cost them seats in the House last November.”

Democrat: #DefundThePolice, But Please Send In The Feds

According to a statement released July 7th, Biden’s top spokeswoman said he met with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and reiterated his commitment to “the fight against gun violence.”

Biden told Lightfoot the DoJ,

“would soon be in touch about the Strike Force announced just a few weeks ago that will be working with cities like Chicago,”

So Biden and Lightfoot are working out the details of a Federal “Strike Force” being deployed in Chicago to quell gun violence when just last year Lightfoot said, “Under no circumstances will I allow Donald Trump’s troops to come to Chicago and terrorize our residents.” But Biden’s “Strike Force”…. Nah, it’ll be fine…

According to Breitbart,

“Lightfoot responded to Biden’s offer by saying, “My hope and expectation is that they’re going to be coming relatively soon. I’ve made not secret of the fact that this is a matter of incredible urgency and I think the president’s plan is to make a difference in localities like Chicago this summer.”

Bu.., BuH.., But The REPUBLICANS dEfUnDeD tHe POlicE!!

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still trying to blame run with the narrative that the Republicans in Congress are the ones who “Defunded the Police” by voting against Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” But even The Washington Post’s fact-checkers couldn’t let that one slide, giving the blatant lie 3 Pinocchios. They’ve been trying this since the end of June but the American people just aren’t that stupid. When prominent Democrats have marched with BLM and cried “Defund the Police” for over a year now, and then they suddenly try to flip the script, it’s insulting to your average citizen’s intelligence.

As GOPNewsFeed wrote,

“When Fox’s Peter Doocy pointed out that Biden never mentioned funding for police to stop a crime wave during his entire effort to sell the bill you could hear a pin drop. Newsbusters remarked, “Incredibly, Psaki doubled down on the spin, saying that Republicans do indeed not support keeping police “on the beat in communities across the country” because they refused to vote for “the American Rescue Plan” and its “funding” to “help ensure local cops” kept their jobs.”

“Democrats across the country defunded the police and caused a crime wave. No amount of spin will change that,” House Republican campaign organization spokesman Mike Berg said and he’s right. There is literally nothing that the Democrat Party can do to expunge the fact that since May 2020 the leftists have FILLED the internet and the airwaves with their ongoing war against our law enforcement community and their constant refrain #DefundThePolice. Let it be their epitaph.


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