Radical Lobbyist, Defeated By Lindsey Graham Will Lead DNC

Fresh off of the most expensive defeat in Senate Democrat history,  he will now lead the Democratic National Committee. Yes, it’s the infamous lobbyist turned activist: Jaime Harrison. Is Joe Biden intentionally sabotaging his own party?

According to The New York Times and many other outlets, Biden has indeed chosen Harrison, possibly related to his fundraising prowess, which didn’t do him a ton of good running against Lindsey Graham. Oh and he’ll fit right in. Let’s learn a bit about Mr. Jaime Harrison, the new face of Joe Biden’s DNC.


A Lobbyist for the Podesta Group

The National Review reported that Harrison was referred to during his Senate Campaign as “a veteran Washington insider”. How did he get there? He was a lobbyist for the highly influential and now infamous Podesta Group headed up by disgraced former White House Chief of Staff and Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman: John Podesta. Tobias Hoonhout for NR refreshed our collective memory about the Podesta Group,


“The Podesta group, once one of the biggest and most influential K-Street outfits in Washington, folded in 2017 after its clients fled in droves in response to a Justice Department investigation into the outfit for its foreign lobbying practices, including work in Ukraine with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.”

Hoonhout also marveled that despite the shellacking the leftist media gave Harrison when he ran against anti-lobbying advocate Keith Ellison for the DNC Chair in 17′ they seem to have completely forgotten about all of that in 2021, vanished down the memory-hole. In 2017 HuffPo and Vox lit him up for connections to firms that could be best described as ethically “gray”. But, per usual, the Progressive-Socialist left suffer from amnesia of convenience. Oh but, Sen. Lindsey Graham remembered. Check out this ad, you’ll see why all the money in the world couldn’t prevent Graham from devastating Harrison at the ballot box.

From Lobbyist to Bernie-Bro?

Apparently as South Carolina Democrat Party Chairman in 2015, before he made alot of money and became a K-Street Podesta/Clinton Lobbyist shill Harrison was a downright Bernie-Bro! Brietbart reported that during his 2020 run against Sen. Graham, Harrison made serious efforts to purge video interviews he conducted with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders of which it seems only the Thumbnail images survive and a wayback machine archive. First of Clinton’s faux Southern accent which she affected to pander to local voters.



And also an interview filmed April 24, 2015 with Sen. Bernie Sanders in which Harrison referred to him as a “Champion”. The full video is archived on the Wayback machine


Brietbart wrote,

“Around the nine-minute, thirty-second mark, Harrison calls Sanders a “champion,” which may reveal why he deleted the video, considering that he has positioned himself as a moderate Democrat candidate.”

But, Oh That Clinton/Podesta Money

No matter how hard you try Jaime, the internet never forgets. Nor will the progressive-socialist left base forget that you promptly jumped ship when Bernie received his 2016 DNC Screwjob. Despite his fund-raising chops, Clinton-connections and surprisingly enormous personal wealth ($3.45 million!) for someone who “grew up poor” and then went into politics, this is not the same DNC we’re talking about. This is a toxic stew of BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America, and they will eat you alive.

Jaime said himself, “I’m no longer a lobbyist, but a lot of good Democrats are,”  in 2017. “I won’t participate in this blanket assassination of various folks because some members of our party don’t agree with what their jobs are.” Your base wants to “Eat the rich” Jaime, they must be excited to get behind you.


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