Nadler’s Hideous Double Standard on ‘Domestic Terrorism’

In a slow, deliberate attack on Republicans and President Trump, Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler (D-NY) unleashed a horrific screed of hypocrisy and outright lies on terrorism in Congress. This can only serve to cement Nadler’s legacy as one of the most crooked, disgustingly corrupt and infamous politicians of our time. But wait a minute… didn’t Nadler get President Clinton to release the leftist terrorists who BOMBED the US Capitol Building in 1983? Oh yeah he did! But wait… the bomb specifically targeted REPUBLICANS, so I guess that’s okay, RIGHT?

Nadler’s 2021 Stand to  “Bring the rioters to justice”

Nadler’s 3 minute plus speech was thread throughout with deceit and baseless accusations of racism,

“We have a duty to observe, Madam Speaker, that racism played a direct role in this incitement. The President’s violent rhetoric is always at its most fevered pitch when he is talking about the civil rights and civic aspirations of black Americans and other minority communities.”


And a confused definition of “violent rhetoric”, where indeed it is the Congressman’s statements that were far more threatening than anything said by President Trump Jan. 6th. “We will bring the rioters to justice. Their accomplices in this House will be held responsible.”

Rep. Nadler continued,

“President Trump, who incited this riot and who remains a grave danger to the nation. As we warned the Senate when we tried him for his first impeachment, President Trump has made clear in word and deed that he will persist in such conduct if he is not removed from power. He poses a continuing threat to our nation, to the integrity of our elections, and to our democratic order. He must not remain in power one moment longer, not one moment longer. The danger is too great. We must impeach.”

A Long, Dishonorable, Hypocritical History On Terrorism

Most recently, Congressman Nadler voted along party lines NOT to add Antifa and BLM to the terrorism watch list as an amendment to a bill that was introduced by the left to combat white supremacists and right-wing extremist activity located in the United States. Congressman, your bias is showing.


Rep. Nadler made more prominent headlines during the first impeachment of President Trump and the Russia-gate conspiracy by routinely using procedural nonsense to foil Republicans attempts to reach the truth. This is clearly visible in the chaos he instigated during questioning of disgraced FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok. This was in a twisted effort to defend the deeply corrupt FBI Agent from brutal questioning by then-Congressman Trey Gowdy. But that isn’t where his path into the fetid sludge of the swamp began.

Nadler’s 2001 Pardon for the 1983 Senate Bombers

In 1983 Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans  members of a radical left-wing terror group “offshoot of the weather-underground” called the May 19th Communist Organization (M19) planted a bomb in the Republican Senator’s cloak room that blasted the second floor of the Senate Wing of the Capitol. In 2001, Rep. Jerry Nadler convinced President Bill Clinton on his last day in office to commute the terrorists’ sentences. Rosenberg and Evans only served 16 years of a 58 year and 40 year sentence respectively.

The Federalist wrote, According to the New York Post in 2001,

“New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who today serves as the House Judiciary Committee chairman, played a “crucial role” in Clinton’s decision to commute Rosenberg’s sentence. Nadler’s rabbi, a Nadler spokesman at the time told the Post, gave “compelling information from [Rosenberg’s] parole hearing” to the Manhattan congressman, who, in turn, passed on the material to the White House counsel’s office. That transfer, the Post reported, played a “key role” in the president’s decision to include Rosenberg on his list of 140 last-minute pardons just moments before George W. Bush took the White House.”

The Federalist also added that “M19 also carried out successful bombings of an FBI office, the Israel Aircraft Industries building, the South African consulate in New York, and D.C.’s Fort McNair and Navy Yard.” These are the kind of attacks make BLM, Antifa and the Occupy movement look like pathetic children throwing a tantrum. AND NADLER SPRUNG THEM FROM JAIL. And guess who are big supporters of BLM and Antifa now? The same Antifa that Nadler called “a myth that’s been spread only in Washington, D.C.”

Nadler’s criticism of President Trump and the GOP members of Congress and INDEED EVEN THE RIOTERS is an amazing compliment to them.

Congressman Nadler, to quote a popular meme from Rick & Morty,

“Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer”.


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