Teacher Makes DISGUSTING Confession… Parents OUTRAGED

Can you imagine having a child in grade school and the teacher keeping secrets from you.

That is what is happening at a Maryland school.

The sad reality is the teacher is actually happy and bragging about this.

This is a Problem

Lane Cogdill works at Silver Spring International Middle School in the Montgomery County Public Schools District.

Cogdill is also non-binary, using about six different pronouns to identify.

Yet, he is advising young children on gender identity and keeping the conversations from parents.

Codgill stated, “Not a soul at my district or my school had brought it up because as it turns out… everything I said aligns exactly with explicit district policy.

“It’s almost like as a transgender person myself and an educator who is highly qualified in my field I know what I’m talking about.

“So I had some good laughs with friends and colleagues about it, and I carried on with my terrifying, clear agenda of teaching middle school every day.”

Codgill continued, “I always ask a trans or questioning student as soon as I find out what is the name you prefer? What pronouns do you prefer? Who else knows? And how would you like me to refer to you when I speak to your family, to the administrators, to other teachers, in front of other students?

“Some students ask me not to disclose their identity, and that’s a promise I always honor.

“I can’t imagine breaking a single trans or non-binary student’s trust by sharing details about their gender identity with anyone… especially their parents, their counselors and their administrators.”

This is Lane, so you tell me if you would trust this teacher around your children, let alone giving out advice on gender identity…

Photos via Lane Cogdill teacher (TikTok/Screenshot)

And we wonder why parents are flipping out at school board meetings.

You can read the full report on Fox News.

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