This is How Many Americans Have Been Forced Out of Work Because of Jab Mandates

The mainstream media and big-tech social media companies have been working feverishly to suppress and discredit reports of mass firings and resignations due to employees being forced out by COVID19 mandates for months. However, The GOP Times has scoured the internet and is beginning to compile a non-exhaustive count of Americans who have been forced to either resign, been terminated, or suspended indefinitely due to the mandate.

Neither professional notoriety nor the critical nature of a role are preventing this action either, as St. Louis New Anchor Kim St. Onge and Orange County, Florida Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Stephen Davis discovered this past week.

Forced Out For Their Right To Personal Sovereignty

-According to the Associated Press, “Advocate Aurora Health has fired about 440 employees for not abiding by the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”


-A total of 1,887 Washington state employees have either quit their jobs or been fired for failing to comply with Gov. Jay Inslee’s (D) coronavirus vaccine mandate amounting to approximately 3% of the workforce of the state as reported by The Hill.

GOP Newsfeed reported that 117 nurses of the Houston Methodist Hospital system filed a wrongful termination suit against the hospital due to their vaccine mandate, however, a total of 153 employees were terminated.

-According to Reuters, “New York State’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health, has fired 1,400 employees who refused to get COVID-19 vaccinations, according to a spokesman, Joe Kemp.”


The Intelligencer reported that the impact is being felt keenly in New York City where about 10% of approximately 5,000 of the city’s public hospital workforce “remained unvaccinated and were not allowed to work.”’,880

Conservatively speaking 8,880 American citizens are without work today as a direct result of the Biden-Harris vaccine mandate. However, many thousands still are conducting work actions such as Boeing employees such as in Everett, Washington where hundreds of employees walked off the job in protest of the mandate. And in New York City and Chicago where anywhere up to 31% of New York’s Police officers and up to 40% of FDNY employees could find themselves unemployed. Or similarly in Chicago where so far 21 officers have been suspended without pay, a number that could grow to almost 2,000 officers.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said accused the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police of putting the public in danger in court filings by encouraging officers to reject the mandate and stand up for their rights,

“By doing so, and by predicting that 50% or more officers will violate their oaths and not report for duty, Catanzara is encouraging an unlawful strike and work stoppage which carries the potential to undermine public safety and expose our residents to irreparable harm, particularly during an ongoing pandemic,” Lightfoot wrote in a court filing.

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