Presidential Candidate Lands in Hot Water After ‘Disgusting’ Act on Airplane

It appears Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may need a refresher course on proper etiquette. Recently, the independent presidential candidate came under fire for some questionable behavior on an American Airlines flight from Portland to Dallas earlier this month.

According to Justin Haskins of the conservative Heartland Institute think tank, he was spotted barefoot walking down the aisle of the aircraft and entering the restroom without shoes or socks. What’s more, he reportedly didn’t seem to have any consideration for the mess on the cabin floor consisting of remains from in-flight snacks and other debris.

To some observers, this incident has been enough to disqualify Kennedy as a presidential candidate altogether – is it time for him to be removed from the race?

Kennedy launched his long-shot campaign for president as a Democrat but later changed his party affiliation to independent when polls showed him with high single digits in 2024 election surveys. He is most well known as being an outspoken critic of vaccines including those against COVID-19 and is also related to two former presidents – John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy who were both assassinated during their respective times in office during 1963 and 1968 respectively.

Naturally, being photographed barefoot walking down a plane aisle isn’t something that reflects positively upon one looking towards gaining votes for office, especially considering how unsanitary it would appear.

Social media user @joncoopertweets commented “RFK JR is a really strange dude” which shows just how much attention has been given to this incident since many people consider these kinds of behaviors unacceptable even if there are extenuating circumstances such as comfort or culture at play here.

Furthermore, Haskins’ opinion that he should be immediately removed from candidacy shows just how serious this situation could become if not addressed by Kennedy himself soon enough.

Unfortunately, despite all this attention surrounding his flight antics so far there still doesn’t seem to be any public response coming from RFK Jr himself.

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