They Were Forced To Change The Name Of A Lake Because Libs Said It Was Racist….

The town of Whitefish, Montana decided to take a stand against liberal trolls by filing a petition with the court in August, hoping to change the name of the town’s lake from its current designation of “Lost Coon Lake.”

“Locals and visitors alike consider the name Lost Coon Lake extremely offensive, as its history and meaning are easily discovered,” the city explained in its petition with the court.

Once the town is handed the final order from the judge, Whitefish will begin the process of changing the lake’s name with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, according to attorney Angela Jacobs.

Reports reveal that the town is known for its connections to controversial racists, like white nationalist Richard Spencer, who resides in the town during a portion of the year.

More details of this story from AWM:

Although the lake was called the “Lost Coon Lake,” that was a compromise name. According to Whitefish City Attorney Angela Jacobs, the people who took the lake from the Native Americans wanted an even more racist name. However, the “(N-word Lake” was deemed to be too offensive.

During the filings for the name change, Whitefish Community Library Director Joey Kositzky shared a document from 1964 that featured a newspaper headline, “(N-word) Lake name changed.” At the time, the direction of lumber yard operator Don Jensen admitted that residents found the lake with the racial slur name to be offensive. It was decided that the lake would be renamed, Lodgepole Pond.

Whitefish has been plagued with racism. When a black woman participated in a Black Lives Matter demonstration, a white man screamed at her face. The confrontation was caught on camera and showed the angry white man. She bravely confronted him by lowering her sunglasses and looking him in the eyes, “so they know you’re human.”

Richard Spencer a white supremacist leader, made a speech about Whitefish in November 2016 when he declared, “Hail Trump!” alluding to how the Nazis greeted Adolf Hitler.

Apparently the community has been working on the effort to change the name of the lake for several years now, with 20 property owners directly on the lake and golf club signing the petition for the name change.

The lake in question covers about 61 acres and does not have public access.

Not to mention the fact that the history of the lake’s name is quite obscure, with some maps even showing the body of water having no name at all.

According to the latest report, Flathead County District Court has officially renamed it “Lost Loon Lake.”

Source: AWM


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