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He Just Pleaded GUILTY – Big Problem for the Biden Crime Family

Yet another former Biden business associate has decided to take a plea deal.

Keaton Langston has accepted a deal for defrauding Medicare of roughly $51million.

Langston was involved in business deals with James Biden.

Only People

Langston and James Biden are linked via Fountain Health, a project that James Biden was involved in before he moved to Americore.

If that sounds familiar, it should, because that is the company that provided James with some six-figure loans.

In turn, James wrote some rather significant checks to Joe Biden, claiming this was a loan repayment, even though the originating documents have yet to be produced.

The plea deal was announced last week, but I want to look at a different aspect of this case.

There are now a handful of former Biden business associates who have either taken plea deals or were convicted of various forms of fraud.

We have often heard the media shred Trump over some of his former business associates being convicted, but nobody is saying a word about the former Biden associates.

I guess we are to believe that these individuals were corrupt in every aspect of their business dealings except when they were in business deals with Hunter and James Biden.

Do the media and Democrats really think we are that stupid?

Just about everyone they were doing business with was a grifter of some sort, usually working some sort of fraud angle to get their hands on a big chunk of money.

Then we have Hunter and James Biden, who enter into these deals in fields they have zero experience, and we are to believe there is nothing shady going on here.

The writing is on the wall, people. We just need investigators to connect the dots and send these criminals to jail.

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