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Bill Clinton’s Creepy Response to His Connection to Jeffrey Epstein

Although ignored by the mainstream media, Bill Clinton’s connection to the Lolita express and Jeffrey Epstein has been an open secret for decades.

The Former President was recently asked about his connections to the famous sex offender while on the campaign trail for Rep. Henry Cuellar.

Cuellar is a democrat running for congress in Texas’ 28th District. His Republican competition, Cassy Garcia, has been making headlines as a strong, outspoken Latina conservation.

Reporter Juan Mendoza asked Clinton about his ties to Epstein. Clinton has a long documented history with the Sex Trafficking Predator that ranges from meeting Epstein’s victims and going on Epstein’s private jet multiple times to other countries.

“Any comment on your…alleged connection to Jeffrey Epstein?” Mendoza asked.

Clinton may have been taken aback by the abrupt question. He stepped away from Mendoza but smiled for the camera. One of the former president’s aides motioned for him to keep moving.

As Clinton continued on his narcissism got the better of him as he looked back at the reporter and said, “I think the evidence is clear.” Afterward, Clinton walked away.

Mendoza tweeted out the video of Bill’s response. The clip has left Twitter in an uproar over the former president’s sly and cheeky demeanor over such a grotesque topic.

“I am not suicidal…just in case,” Mendoza tweeted later.


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