Lori Lightfoot DEFEATED…Good Riddance

Citizens of Chicago can’t count on much these days. They can’t be sure of things like police response or employment opportunities. Thanks to woke liberal policies, all the rampant crime has chased away the major employers. Citizens of the Windy City can, however, be sure of one thing. Lori Lightfoot won’t be mayor much longer. There still isn’t a clear winner between the two remaining contenders but the bug-eyed lesbian Betelgeuse look-alike has been kicked to the curb.

Lightfoot big Chicago loser

Voters in the city of Chicago, Illinois, took to the polls on Tuesday, February 28 to decide who their mayor should be. They can’t agree on which of the candidates they want but they’ve clearly decided they don’t want Lori Lightfoot.

She’s totally out of the running “with many critics citing crime” as a key reason for her ouster. Diana Dejacimo is one of them.

The Chicago resident “was robbed at gunpoint back in December.” The incident left her horrified and she told reporters “she did not know one single person who voted for Lightfoot.

That’s because, Fox News writes, “violence continues to unravel in city streets.” Dejacimo believes “that people have just had enough. My message has been go out and change. Regime change is the only way we’re going to fix this.

She adds that she also thinks Tuesday’s results are “a loud and clear message that this woke agenda is not working for Chicago.” With Lightfoot in charge, “murders spiked to the highest levels in 25 years.

Her murder rate even beat the other progressives, “surpassing other urban cities like Los Angeles and New York City.” As liberal prosecutors decriminalized crime, “the police department also faced unprecedented staffing shortages.” It’s no wonder there’s been a “historic surge in violence.”

A voting motivator

The surge in Chicago crime is being called a “notable voting motivator” and Dejacimo agrees. She got robbed “in broad daylight in the ritzy neighborhood of Lincoln Park.

It was terrifying for her and also caught on surveillance video. Police aren’t even looking for her attacker. All they can do with the resources they have is break up domestic disputes.

since none of the candidates in the three way race received the 50% voting threshold, it goes back for a redo between the top two. Lightfoot wasn’t just third, she was left totally in the dust. Chicago can’t wait to get rid of her.

It will be interesting to see which of the remaining contenders get picked. They’re as different as day and night. The only thing they have in common is that they aren’t Lori Lightfoot.

Paul Vallas secured the highest percentage, he’s been Chicago Public Schools CEO and city budget director. On Tuesday, he pulled 33.8% of the vote. Cook County Board of Commissioners Brandon Johnson trailed with 20.3% of the vote. The big day now is April 4. “We have two very different approaches now of the two guys that are having the runoff,” Dejacimo explains.

One is very much police protection and support the police and the other one is more of a defund the police and self rule. So we’ll see how it turns out, but I’m glad the city spoke out and said no more Lori Lightfoot.” The well placed front runner is the one who “branded his candidacy as pro-law enforcement in recent months, condemning the surge in crime under Lightfoot’s leadership.

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