New TSA Technology: Threat to Your Freedom?

Justin Haskins has a very interesting op-ed on Fox News.

The subject of his article is new technology that TSA is going to start to work out the kinks on in select airports.

The technology… facial recognition software.

Big Brother

The new software is only going to be in a handful of airports to start.

If successful, however, it will eventually replace human agents and be in every airport around the country.

The only time there would be human interaction would be if the software detected a problem with the ID and subject’s face.

The program was initially started in 2017 under President Trump, and now Biden is turbocharging it.

Haskins writes, “If the new program is deemed successful, TSA plans to expand facial recognition at airports nationwide, making it one of the largest efforts to collect advanced biometric data of law-abiding citizens in US history.”

TSA says the programming is better than the human eye.

The Biden administration added that facial recognition can “enhance security effectiveness, operational efficiency, and the passenger experience.”

TSA says it will not keep the data that it collects during the screening process, but does anyone actually believe that?

Haskins notes, “For example, the Chinese government uses on a daily basis its vast surveillance state coupled with facial recognition to track and control its massive population, as part of its social credit system. In Hong Kong in 2019, facial recognition was one of the most important tools used by the China’s Communist Party to rein in protesters seeking to retain personal liberties.

“Similarly, in Russia, Vladimir Putin’s ruthless government has repeatedly used facial recognition to keep tabs on protesters and political opponents. In some cases, Putin’s agents have even used facial recognition to help government agents arrest critics.”

I have to admit, with the direction the Democrat Party seems to be headed, this is now starting to concern me just a bit.

Source: Fox News

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