Retail Giant Forced Into DESPERATE Measures

Walmart is testing out a “loonie” idea for revenue generation. Those shopping carts you haul your purchases around the store with have always been provided as a “courtesy.” Those days could soon be over.

Walmart tries cart rental

Walmart shoppers in Thunder Bay, which is part of Ontario, Canada, have to rent their shopping carts. The convenience now costs them $1. A bill won’t work though, you need a coin. Canada calls theirs the “loonie.

That’s because of the loon stamped on it. The conversion rate makes them worth $0.75 in U.S. dollars.

Walmart operates three stores in Thunder Bay and they recently unveiled the new shopping carts, announcing “you’ll need a loonie to set them free.

Other retail giants in the area are trying it, such as No Frills, Superstore and Safeway. The $1 coin goes in “a slot attached to the shopping cart handle in order to unlock the cart.

They broke the news to shoppers on Facebook. “Don’t forget to bring a loonie on your next visit to your Memorial Avenue Walmart! Starting today, all of our shopping carts will require the use of $1.

As can be expected, reaction on the page was “mixed.” Shoppers are already grumbling about the self-service checkouts.

Unload the trucks, too?

Facebook user and Thunder Bay Walmart shopper Jen Gar want’s to know what’s next on their agenda. “So I do my job as cashier, then I do my job of cart return. When does my shift of unloading trucks start?

Others of a more progressive tilt expressed support for the novel idea.

Yay, love this! Every store needs this,” Harper Gibson posted. With retailers hemorrhaging money through shoplifting, they need to bring in enough revenue to keep the doors open and they can only raise prices so far before people shop elsewhere.

Of course, every time a restriction is set in place, someone will find a way to defeat it. The Walmart coin operated cart idea will probably go through some R&D before it goes mainstream.

For Walmart shoppers who forgot to bring their coins, Ross Pentney already found a hack. “The back end of a key (works) too,” he informs. Part of the reason for the coin operated cart program is a law that went into effect back in September, 2021.

That’s when their “city council passed new rules that required stores to submit plans and pay for abandoned shopping cart recovery if they are collected by the city.

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