Katie Hobbs Emails Reveal HUGE Scandal

The 2020 elections revealed a lot about the state of politics in Arizona.

From the voting irregularities to now news that Secretary of State Katie Hobbs attempted to abuse her power by asking Twitter to censor tweets that were critical of her and her misconduct during the election, it is clear that something must be done.

It was recently revealed through emails obtained from Missouri v. Biden case, which involved plaintiff Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit, that Katie Hobbs had asked Twitter to take action against those who were criticizing her for a 2017 tweet where she called Trump supporters “neo nazis” while she was preparing to run for Governor.

In these emails sent using her official Arizona secretary of state email address, she requested for Twitter support team to take action against those trolling her online and even claimed she was being harassed by “alt-right” critics when all they had done was call into question Hobbs’ impartiality when administering the election.

She went on with this campaign despite not being able to provide any evidence or examples as proof for her claim.

Unfortunately, what makes this situation even worse is that after sending out these requests, Katie Hobbs continued tweeting nasty things throughout her campaign while silencing any criticism towards herself with censorship tactics employed by Twitter.

Her actions have resulted in some calling for legal action and indicting President Trump in Arizona due his questioning of the shady election conducted by Hobbs and others like it around the nation.

It is clear here that Katie Hobb’s attempts at censoring people online are unconstitutional and should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Not only did she attempt such censorship but also continued doing so even when given no evidence as proof for her claims – making matters much worse than before this whole ordeal began.

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