New Poll Shows Democrats in BIG Trouble

Democrats are in big trouble. According to a Fox Gallup poll, most Americans think they’re a whole lot better under Trump than they were when Democrats were running things.

Gallup Poll shows America prefers Trump

After carefully crafting each voter poll to show Joe Biden winning, but only by the margin of error, Gallup announced that America prefers Trump. A full 56% “think they are better off now than they were in 2016.”

Conservative Karl Rove popped up like a mushroom on Hannity to tell the world he thinks he knows why the poll would indicate a strong preference for President Donald Trump. “I think they say it because in 2017, 2018, 2019 and through February of this year, they realized they were enjoying better prosperity than they had been enjoying for years and they gave President Trump credit for it.”


Darn skippy they credit Trump and Americans don’t need a poll to spell it out. For eight long lean years, Americans held their breath for all the “shovel ready” jobs to materialize. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize that it was nothing but Democrat fertilizer that all those shovels were ready for.

Then came Covid-19

The latest Gallup Poll underscores the fact that from the moment that Donald Trump was sworn in, the stagnant economy started moving again. Unemployment, especially among minorities dropped to record low levels and America began producing again. Most of that came from the slashing of all the crippling Democrat red tape. Then we were attacked by Covid-19 and the entire world’s economies collapsed. Even there, our post Covid recovery is already in full swing.



As Karl Rove noted, “even with all the difficulties we’ve got,” the poll shows “the strength of the economic issue, the issue of who can better restart the economy is one that Donald Trump can beat Joe Biden on.” Biden keeps cutting his own throat every time he opens his mouth. “All the president needs to do is go around the country saying, ‘Here’s what [Biden] said. Here’s what he wants to do,'” Rove mused. “He led you to believe he was a different kind of guy, a traditional Democrat in the primaries.” Then it turned out that Black Lives Matter is keeping his soul in a jar.

“Now he’s showing his true colors, but denying that he’s in favor of all these things he’s endorsed.” The Gallop poll reflects that sentiment. Americans have realized in recent weeks that the Democrats aren’t interested in defending their property from looters and arsonists. That their Green New Deal schemes will outlaw the automobile, as the suburbs are urbanized by ending single family zoning and taxes, taxes, taxes, are levied on everything in sight to pay for all the free stuff.

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