14 People Just Died Because of Joe Biden

Fourteen more people just died in Indiana and we might as well blame Imperial Leader Joe Biden for it. After all, the Democrats were quick to throw the blame on Donald Trump for every single thing that happened during his administration.

14 more people

On Saturday, the Department of Health for the state of Indiana reported 14 new deaths from Covid-19. They also tallied up 1,449 more positive cases. Since the pandemic blossomed out of control last March, 11,912 COVID-19 deaths have been reported in Indiana alone.

There’s been no change in the curve since His Wisdom assumed control. So far, 654,660 people living in Indiana have been confirmed positive.


Just in that one state, 424 people probably died from the SARS variant. ISDH reports deaths when the data comes in but they have “occurred over several days.” Testing has been administered fairly steadily, ISDH reports.

They just added statistics reflecting “38,702 COVID-19 tests” since the last update. That brings the figure to 7,721,658 tests since March of 2019.

Thankfully, the Intensive Care Units in the state have been up to the demand.


Despite the fatalities, “7.9% of ICU beds in the state are being used for COVID-19 patients and 55.6% of the ICU beds are being used for non-COVID-19 patients.” That means there are plenty more if people need them. “36.4% of ICU beds are available.”

Plenty of ventilators

Another thing people are glad to know is that the panic over ventilators is over. Right now, “2.8% of ventilators are being used for COVID-19 patients and 16.6% of ventilators are being used for non-COVID-19 patients.”

Most of the stockpile, is ready for use. A whopping “80.6% of ventilators are available.”

Imperial Leader Biden and his minions are fanatical about making people wear masks. Even though the Covid-19 virus isn’t much worse than the normal seasonal flu, they indoctrinate the public with massive amounts of propaganda.

“Human coronaviruses most commonly spread from an infected person to others” through those nasty respiratory droplets “released into the air by coughing and sneezing.” Biden wears his mask 24/7, even in the shower.

The liberals all have stock in the hand sanitizer companies too. The best way for people to protect themselves is by washing your hands more than Howard Hughes.

Other than that, stay home and don’t breathe on anyone. In 20 or 30 years you may be allowed out of your house again.

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