NBC Caught Running Decoy Story

NBC Caught Running Decoy Story

It what may be an attempt to confuse readers about the authenticity of the recent revelations about Hunter Biden, NBC News reported on a document debunking a story involving Biden that no one had even heard about.

The article, which was titled, “How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge,” admits in the first paragraph that it has nothing to do with the evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop that the Democratic presidential nominee’s son is using his father’s name to get business deals around the world. The emails and documents found on that laptop were first reported by the New York Post, and contain mentions of Joe Biden taking a cut of the profits from the business deals.

According to the Daily Wire, “The NBC story has nothing to do with that explosive story and instead attempts to mislead social media users who will only see the headline into thinking the outlet has debunked the story of Biden family corruption.”


NBC begins its story with this paragraph: “One month before a purported leak of files from Hunter Biden’s laptop, a fake ‘intelligence’ document about him went viral on the right-wing internet, asserting an elaborate conspiracy theory involving former Vice President Joe Biden’s son and business in China.”

The remainder of the article discusses a document that very few people have ever heard about, purporting to contain a conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden and his dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.


NBC goes above and beyond in its attempt to discount the real Hunter Biden story by referring to it as an “unverified leak of documents,” even though the documents and their contents have been confirmed by one of Hunter’s former business partners, who appears in some of the emails obtained from the laptop. In reality, neither Joe Biden nor his son have said that the documents are fake.

NBC claims that the document it reviewed, which has nothing to do with any of the Biden family stories anyone has heard about, “helped lay the groundwork among right-wing media for what would become a failed October surprise: a viral pile-on of conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden.”

Though NBC portrays this article as a straight news story from their reporters, it is actually filled with insinuations and innuendo designed to obscure a major story the network, and the rest of mainstream media, has refused to cover. The Hunter Biden emails were hardly a “failed October surprise,” as NBC frames them to be, given the fact they were the most talked about story on social media despite the Big Tech companies trying to silence the story.

As is obvious to anyone who actually reads the full article, the NBC story does not “debunk” anything relating to the New York Post story about Hunter Biden, or any of the other corruption stories involving Joe and Hunter. Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, has verified the documents and provided what he says is documented evidence to the FBI and Senate investigators. Bobulinski has been interviewed by the FBI as part of an alleged investigation into Hunter.

  1. Socialism thrives on corruption-the government is corrupt, the politicians are all corrupt, the media is corrupt and all of this corruption reach the citizens when they are treated like slaves. In thin country, we have almost everything needed for a socialist government-we have extremely corrupt politicians in abundance, we have the most corrupt group of media outlets in the world, all we need is a declaration that we are adopting socialism as an economic system. The left, which is the home of the corrupt politicians is busting their asses to get the people to believe socialism is good and hoping to convert them to the slavery they deserve. The one thing missing, so far, from their plans to enslave us all is the agreement of the slaves,but some of them are falling for the free everything ploy and the time could be closer than we think. Vote well-it may be the last time your vote will mean anything.

    1. This is the beginning of our end unless enough of us get busy and do more to dis-credit the Biden presidency. Socialism thrives on communism and liars and all that goes along with it. There is no free ride, border security will not flourish under a Biden presidency. Crime will flourish under a Biden regime. His policies are dictated by Harris and AOC. Those of us who don’t go along will be crucified. He is telling more lies even in his position as president elect. He has a racial discrimination history and yet he has been pushed into this position. The democratic party of 40-50 years ago no longer exists.

  2. sad that most idiot a*s Americans believe what the big 3 networks say. Like I say they’ll research the Kardashians but not any of this. I guess being ignorant is bliss.

  3. Given that NBC is like MSNBC a founding member of the MRON MEDIA aka the RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps no one with a brain would buy anything they put out.

  4. I would hate to see the Biden`s, Quid Pro Joe Biden and the other Pedophile, drug addict international criminal Hunter Biden in the White House doing the bidding of their Communist Democrat party selling our jobs, our America to the New World Order and turning America into a third world lock down Nazi controlled hut nation! We can not allow that to happen!

  5. NBC is just as bad as CNN, They have been corrupted by the HONG KONG media company, that is controlled by CCP. This is the same company that illegally gave money to the Democrats in NC to help them win this 2020 election.

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