Sound of Gunshots Towards Trump House

Sound of Gunshots Towards ‘Trump House’

The ‘Trump House’ in Pennsylvania, painted top to bottom with stars and stripes, was the target of an attack Thursday night.

Police were called to the home at 9:55 p.m. on Thursday. The victim, Leslie Rossi, was inside the house when she heard what sounded like gun shots. It was originally reported that the incident was a drive by shooting, but after investigating, police determined that the sound was actually rocks being thrown at a metal Trump sign.

Rossi had a right to be scared, as these attacks have become commonplace. She has said that the 14 foot metal statue of President Trump in her yard has been shot at and beaten during the four years it has been up.


The ‘Trump House’:

Leslie Rossi’s ‘Trump House’ has become an iconic tourist attraction in Westmoreland County for Trump supporters, with at least 1,500 people standing in line to view the house each day of the weekend.

Westmoreland County was once a Democrat stronghold, but flipped for President Trump in 2016.

According to The Independent, “Ms Rossi, a mother of eight, opened the house in 2016 and again this year in an attempt to show support for the president in the battleground area.”


After waiting in line, visitors enter the property’s kitchen for free Trump merchandise provided by Rossi: T-shirts, hats, signs, and even pocket-size versions of the Constitution. She also offers voter registration forms.

Rossi is confident that she won’t have to take down her monument to the president anytime soon, believing that he will win four more years in the White House in the upcoming election.

Police Searching for the Suspect

Rossi reported seeing a woman in a silver-colored Subaru driving away from the scene. Reportedly, the suspect then fled northbound on State Route 982. No one was reported injured.

Additional information about this incident is expected to be released as the police’s investigation is ongoing.

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  1. I do hope she’s at least going to install multiple video surveillance cameras around her property. Post election’s going to be rough, no matter who’s the presumed leader in the vote count – and we know it’s going to be dragged out by the democrats as long as possible while lawsuits are filed and refiled, counts and recounts as well as “Golly Gee, we just ‘Found’ these” boxes of votes are added to the mix, etc.

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