Nancy Pelosi Just Stop Dems Right in Their GREEDY Tracks

Nancy Pelosi Just Stop Dems Right in Their GREEDY Tracks

In a surprising move, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has denied a request from House Democrats to include amnesty for illegal immigrants who were essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic in Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill.

Now that Democrats hold the majority in both the House and Senate, along with the presidency, they are eager to push their agenda through. Unlike Republicans, who don’t do anything when they hold power, Democrats try to ram through their radical policies every chance they get.

Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi wasn’t stopping the Democrats from adding amnesty to the bill because she didn’t want amnesty, she only wanted to save it for another bill.


“President Biden proposed comprehensive immigration reform, which includes protections for frontline immigrant workers, separate from his Covid relief plan, and we expect that to therefore have separate consideration,” a House Democratic leadership aide told Politico.

Pelosi’s decision comes soon after 100 Democrat representatives sent a letter urging the speaker and other House Democrats to consider including a path to citizenship for the more than 5 million Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status recipients, and undocumented immigrants who “have helped keep Americans healthy and safe during the pandemic and are critical for our economic recovery.”

“As we continue to confront a public health and economic catastrophe that will soon have claimed the lives of more than 450,000 Americans [and] exacerbated deep racial, gender, and economic inequities, it is vital that we include protections for immigrant workers to secure the health of our nation and lay the foundation for a robust and dynamic economic recovery,” read the letter from the Hispanic Caucus.


Though the amnesty provision will not be included in the COVID relief bill, Joe Biden and other Democrats are hard at work trying to give benefits to illegal immigrants and allow them to continue to flood into the United States.

Six of Biden’s recent executive orders were related to illegal immigration, including adding illegal immigrants to U.S. Census totals, stopping construction on the border wall, and suggesting that the word “alien” be replaced with “noncitizen” in U.S. immigration laws. Alongside these orders, Democrats in both chambers of Congress are working on bills to achieve Biden’s goal of offering amnesty to around 11 million illegals.

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