The Bio Labs are REAL, and Americans Want Answers NOW

Talk of biological weapons being developed in labs in Ukraine sounded like an outlandish conspiracy theory or a convenient narrative invented by the Russians, but it seems the fact-checkers were wrong about this one. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland effectively admitted in a hearing on March 8 that there are labs in Ukraine and that the Russians are very interested in and very close to getting their hands on them.

What is in those labs?

The revelation came after Russia claimed to have found proof of a joint effort by the United States and Ukraine to destroy evidence for biological weapons being developed in research labs.

China quickly followed these announcements with a call for an investigation and an explanation from the United States; neither of these two governments is known to be especially trustworthy, so this could have been nothing.

Unfortunately, our government isn’t exactly a model for honesty and transparency either. Senator Marco Rubio quickly dismissed the Russian and Chinese announcements as baseless propaganda and he was clearly hoping for confirmation on this when he asked Victoria Nuland about the labs.

Instead, when asked directly if there were biological weapons in Ukraine, Nuland paused and nervously nodded while explaining that there are “biological research facilities” in Ukraine. That, essentially, is an admission that our government has biological weapons in Ukraine.

We know that the research being conducted in these labs is not benign because Nuland immediately followed this acknowledgement by emphasizing how concerning it would be should the Russians acquire this “research.”

Rubio then abruptly interrupted Nuland’s remark to tell her that, should the biological weapons which we definitely do not have in Ukraine be used, it would “100%” be a false flag attack by the Russians. Nuland agreed and that was the end of this extremely concerning discussion.

Rubio helps Nuland dodge legitimate questions

The mainstream media hasn’t covered this exchange; fortunately, viewers of C-SPAN3 quickly spread the clip on social media and began to ask the kind of questions Rubio and Nuland were hoping no one would ask.

Rubio’s horrific response to Nuland’s admission deserves special emphasis. Instead of demanding answers for the American people, the senator immediately leapt to deflect the issue and preemptively blame the Russians for any catastrophe.

If the United States and Ukraine were jointly working on illegal weapons of mass destruction in labs near Russia’s border, then Moscow has its justification for the invasion; the United States invaded Iraq for much less, after all.

If the research was somehow unrelated to biological weapons then the world is owed a serious explanation, and Nuland should explain why everything in her response heavily implied that there was an offensive component to research taking place in the labs.

If something emerges from these labs, then the world will only be able to say for certain that the United States government had a hand in it. Rubio’s preemptive deflection certainly inspires no confidence in our innocence.

If there is some entirely innocent explanation then the government had best start explaining itself very quickly, before Russia and China have a chance to uncover anything else that looks incriminating.

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